The Power of a Supportive Tribe

Conflict is inevitable. We don’t always get along … not even with those we’re closest to. And that’s ok. We’re allowed to have our differences. This time of year tends to be especially challenging as we find ourselves carefully navigating the holiday season. Religious differences, challenging relationships with some relatives and the sorrow for lost loved ones can cause additional stress and force us to face conflict head on. But even in the most conflicting times, there is one constant. 

Your tribe has your back.

Your tribe is your family. Not in the traditional sense (your blood relatives may or may not be members). These are the people you love – and are loved by – the most. Yours might include church members, yoga pals, work colleagues, childhood friends or a diverse mix of people. These are people who understand, respect and support you. They have your back. They step up for you. Even when it all hits the fan.

My dad was recently hospitalized. This came at a busy time for my medical practice, with the end of the year. My partners and I work well together but like any other family, we have our occasional conflict, and this week was no exception!  When my father was in the hospital, one of my partners was the doctor on duty in the hospital. Day after day, I watched in amazement as he went far above and beyond his duties to care for my father. Talk about stepping up! Even at this busy time and the challenges and conflicts within our practice, we stood together and supported each other through a difficult time.

When I thanked him (one of many times!), he simply said, “We’re family. We take care of each other.” This is what tribe is about.

Your tribe is crucial to good health.

Get this. People who live past 100 years have one thing in common. They have a community of people around them. They’re not alone. This does wonders for their physical and psychological health. And it does the same for yours.

This sense of community might give you the warm fuzzies, but it’s actually serious business. It’s a key to maintaining your health. Which is why tribe is one of the 5 pillars to becoming your own HealthHero™. Humans have always existed as tribes. They were support systems to ensure survival. The same is true today. People who have tribes live longer, have less depression and suffer from fewer health ailments.

Your tribe makes life easier.

We don’t always get along. But through it all, our unique families  – our tribes – have the power to overcome differences and resolve conflict. It’s about helping each other. That’s it. We navigate tough times together (disagreements, loss and yes … the holidays!) and figure out how to become stronger. We move forward. We have each others’ backs. No matter what.

Partha’s Prescriptions

  • Wise Up. Understand that conflict is a part of life and something we must learn to manage. Accept this, and try not to be too hard on yourself or others. Together is how we get through it! 
  • Speak Up. Call on your tribe for support and advice … even in times of conflict. These are people who care and will always have your back. Accept and appreciate their support.
  • Step Up. Support is a two-way street. Always support your tribe. Together, you’ll be stronger, better and ready to tackle what comes your way.

The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.

Dr. Nandi

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