2009: The Frosh Yosh-I-can-do-this-Simple-Algebra-Homework year.

There were things I practically learned during my stay in MAPUA. Not sure if this applies to you, but cheers if you do! 

  • If you got 1.00 in Math subjects, you're either a scholar or a 2nd/3rd taker. 

  • If you got 3.00 on a subject, you're either a lucky bug or it's the Christmas Tres season (if you know what I mean).  

  • "Attendance is not part of the grading system, but it could be my prerogative to pass you." - says one of my CISCO professors.
  • IT Geeks need not review for an exam. They can play Wow, DOTA,Dragon Nest and whatnot at the lobby the entire day and still pass the subject. 

  • If you start doing a term project on the 9th week, and pass like a boss, then you must be a god. If you start doing a term project on the 9th week then fail, then you must be a stupident


When your scores are going downhill.....
  • When most of my notes are full of nonsensical, quirky doodles, not just at the back pages.
  • When I take an exam, create my own formula, and laugh myself to death until the bell rings then think, what the hell did I just write? 
  • During lab subjects, professor's discussing something and I give zero f*cks that my 9gag window is fully maximized.

Always caught in the act when I take a mouthful,  Every. Single. Time. @_@ I know I look like an idiot. HAHAHA (Credits to the respective photographers)


Chapter 1-5 
There are some I still hold on to dearly, one who did not change me, but helped me transform in countless ways, be it morally supporting me when I have my bad hair days during my Physics class, or how I need to be adamant about my change in jeepney fare, or how I should learn to order at fast food outlets by myself, or how I should not stop being musically inclined albeit my busiest college days, or how some admired me, my talents, my courage and my spirit when all I thought was being a useless pessimist, or how in the world they still looked after me when I almost yelled in their faces. There were some I needed to let go of, some whom I had distant memories about. I do not regret meeting these people, for in every people that I meet, whether they only come and go or decide to stay, will always have something to contribute to my current mantra. There are also some I really don't mind staying around a bit longer, and some I've just met on my post-Chapter 5.  

1. "Always believe in yourself. Do this, and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear." - Howl's Moving Castle

-Programming class, I'm not the best Java junkie in town, so I needed to tell this to myself hundred times whenever I had to do a lab exercise in this subject. 

2. "If my story is going to end here, then I am definitely a less significant character. Disregarding my mom's decision for me, not being able to graduate on time, and in the end, my batch is going to work first. But my TV drama doesn't end here. If it goes on, it will have a different storyline. I recognize my mistakes, reflect on my actions, correct these mistakes and grow up. What if the story has not reached its climax? The lead of this drama will be me. It's a long way until this drama ends, so I don't have to feel anxious because I can't speed it up. If I walk slowly, I'll achieve more than those moving too fast. Which will grow and gain more? It's the one who walks slower but gets to see more." - Dream High

-Darkest days. When I tried to be optimistic, and when I killed even the tiniest of my hopes, I felt literally left behind. 

3."You're not listening!" - says one of my professors

-It's the same feeling I get when someone close to me berates me for not being cautious of my actions, or being heedful with their 'experienced' words. Almost like I won't realize I'm in a free fall until my skull crashes in a concrete. Late realizations most of the times can also be mentally taxing. 
Credits to my friend

It took me a while to figure things out, but here I am now, facing another chapter. To my post-student life, I'm an ordinary person today, not someone else's  favorite, but will always be on the previous pages, never consigned to oblivion. I'm not focused all the time, but I choose my distractions. I'm not exactly impervious, but I know now how to lessen the salt on my wounds. So to this world that may have nasty attempts to pour out one onto me, go ahead and try. I may not be as invincible as I think, but I never stopped trying, so good luck with that.