When there is a problem, there also exists a solution - unique and specific to help you solve that particular problem. Design is thus, the discipline of creating a solution to that problem.

One can design anything and everything starting from - a component for a machine, a website, a logo, a stadium, a sales pitch, a social media campaign etc. Since the solution generally does not exist, it becomes a design and is unique in nature. It includes imagination, experience and creation. A design gets success and is good only when it achieves the much awaited result that it is expected to deliver. On the other hand, an animation is basically the illusion of movements created by a series of still pictures in a rapid manner. In fact, in today’s world, graphic software is generally used to create such effect.

Career in Animation and Design

Animation degree programs specifically cover multimedia design, character design and 3D modeling. In this digital era, visual storytelling and communication are mainly done with the help of computers in order to create different and realistic special effects, animated characters as well as interesting graphics. Graduate degree programs in animation or video graphics are meant to create a digital world and interactive media as animators and art directors.

Careers in animation are plenty and flamboyant. In fact, many online marketplaces, like Braingroom, for instance, provides a window to help students connect with mentors and schedule individual classes to help them pursue for a career in the same. A myriad of career opportunities are available to pursue in animation, video graphics as well as special effects. Although creators usually work in areas like advertising, movie, publishing and web designing industry, a lot of them also become animators.


A highly creative bent of mind as well as an artistic inclination measures the unrestricted boundaries of the animation world. It is well known that animators generally work in a wide range of industries. Animators are expected to have a freehand art skill and also the ability to use computers as well as other technologies to create computer simulations and 3D models.

Those who are engaged outside the entertainment industry are mainly employed by advertising firms to communicate several promotional messages. Since the scope of animation is ever increasing, few things should be kept in mind while choosing this career. In addition to being very innovative, a person should be full of ideas and willing to implement those as and when opportunity comes. A degree or a diploma in animation with advanced courses is the key for forging ahead and while making a mark in the industry. Since childhood we all know about Tom and Jerry, Mickey and Donald, Stuart Little and many more of these animated characters who have lightened up our mind and entertained us.


Design is a highly developed field which requires properly trained people who are creatively innovative and artistic. Due to boom in the IT sector and emergence of a large number of MNCs, a good job prospect is available for designers in India. Careers in design are not restricted only to graphics or interior designing but are also spread over fields like film-making, architecture, fine arts and advertising as well. Given below is some of the scope for jobs in the field of design.

Graphics Design

A career in graphic design requires some specialized skills such as photography and interactive design. It is a two-way process involving a consumer as well as a designer who utilizes several different visuals, page layout and typography to create a design which is meant for the target audience.

Interior Design

Similarly, Interior Design has a process where research, analysis, and knowledge combine together with artistic skills to create an interior design which fulfills the client’s requirements. It is not only limited to selection of colors and arrangement of home appliances and involves a lot of research, knowledge and expertise as well.

Other areas onto which individuals can pursue a career in design are Fashion Design, Product Design, Accessory Design, Industrial Design, Web designer and Game design.