Here is why we need a Medicare buy-in:

Take the case of a male age 62, in Omaha Nebraska , whose Income is $50,000 a year

His only offers of ACA-qualified health insurance are from Medica and Aetna.

With Medica, he can choose a bronze plan that has a monthly premium of $1,242, a deductible of $6.850.

What an awful policy! For a premium that equals about 35% of his after tax income, he gets no benefits until he paid over $20,000 a year. The insurance company is essentially trying not to cover this person- they are just offering the worst policy they can.

The ultimate solution is simple — this man should be on Medicare.

We cannot afford to just drop the Medicare eligibility age down to 60. The tax cost would be politically prohibitive – as Bernie Sanders found out.

However, we can open up Medicare on a buy-in basis for those who need it most, at any age.

Read the attached article, and find out how to do this at a modest cost to beneficiaries and taxpayers alike.

Remember –, this has happened before. In 1965, we passed Medicare because private insurance companies could not produce affordable, reliable health policies for older persons outside the work force.

The same is true now — all that has changed is that the age of need is lower than 65.

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