I left on Friday really early California time and found its way to Stuttgart on Saturday morning.  they're 9 hours ahead so technically it had been just about 17 hrs of journey.  Just!  I got a rest in and then we walked to the Christmas Industry handily located from the other side of the road from his flat where I had my first intro to Gluhwein.
Munchen, Germany

On Sunday we took a two-hour train journey to Munich, where we stayed the night time in the Sofitel Hotel Munich which was only steps from your stress station.  Want we could have had still another evening in the resort, only for the bathroom.  Yes, the bathroom!  it'd bidet, and dryer activity all in one using the force of a button.  I 'd a lot of fun with that bathroom.  We checked in and then went strolling across the city.  They did not have their Christmas Market set up however, but we located the Gluhwein.

We ate in a spot called Hofbrauhaus Munchen, where I ate an extremely German meal of sausage and potato salad with beer.  I was sort of bummed when it arrived on the scene because it appeared to be typical old hot-dogs, but it ended up ok since they didn't taste like regular old warm dogs.  The area is enormous, and fend yourself in regards to seats so we did finish up in a communal dining table with folks we did not understand. !

Linderhorf Palace

The following morning we were up bright and early for our fortress tour and it continued all day long.  we'd to beat the bus at 8am and I do not believe we returned until 6ish.  The first stop was this cute little city called Oberammergau where we toured Linderhorf Palace.  This one was small in, but really amazing.  It was set up so that each chamber led right in to the next.  We stopped for a bite in one of the cafe's, where I had a yummy croissant with java and then we headed for the township of Hohenschwangau.

German Spaetzel

Bavaria is straight from a fairy tale.  As we drove in to town several houses had fairytales painted on the sides, as well as the mountains looming in the the back ground were glorious.  I was just about star Ving considering that the minute I awakened up.  Nothing I ate stuffed me-up that day, maybe not even the odd sandwich I got from Starbucks.  Even though their menu things are very different, I prevent all American institutions in Europe.  I did not travel That manner to consume at Burger King or Star-Bucks, I believed eggs may do the trick and but I was star Ving, and so I went with it.  I did not enjoy it that I ate and Properly, the sauce was strange it anyhow since I had been so starving.  The croissant did not assist significantly both, s O our first-stop had to be food.  We ate at a resort restaurant where I went for the carbs.  Spaetzel, is kind of like the German model of apple Macintosh and cheese.  It was so tasty, s O filling, and I had been prepared to create the hike up the hill to our next castle. !

There exists a castle on a cloud. !

I love to go therein my sleep. 
Are Not any floors for me to cross.  
Not in my castle on a cloud.

The stroll to Neuschwanstein Castle is in regards to a mi-le, and much of it's uphill.  I was prepared for that, but what I was not anticipating was the powerful gusts of air current.  Once we got toto the top of the hill together with the Citadel in complete see the wind was s O powerful that I possibly could feel it pushing me.  We lucked out, plus it really was not super chilly that day, but the wind was mad.  When I noticed this citadel looming in the space the tune Castle on a Cloud, from Les Miserables, took root within my brain as the fortress on a cloud was prior to my eyes and there it remained for the remaining day, plus it had been wonderful .  It also is actually the extremely sam-e one that inspired the Disney fortress, and that I think I simply could not quit singing about it.  We began up a spiral stairway, and I could sense the chilly emanating from the thick stone walls which is absolutely enormous interior.  The halls are extensive, the windows are arched, as well as the ceilings elaborate.  We observed the servants quarters, the enormous kitchen, a gigantic hallway where I envisioned a royal ball Such as the one in Cinderella might be held.  The roy-al mattress is a factor of artwork, and that I only can not feel that individuals resided here.  It Is precisely how you'd envision it to be from what you see on Video.

We'd a tiny bit additional time to walk around Munchen once the bus dropped us away.  We got our bags from from the resort, and visited the station for our train again to Stuttgart.  It proved to be a long, exhausting, magic day. & nbsp;

Crying at all-is perhaps not enabled
Not within my castle on a cloud