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Five years ago, DICK’S Sporting Goods launched the Jersey Report, a leaderboard system of sorts that uses online and in-store sales data to showcase who’s jerseys are most popular, which player’s jerseys are on the rise, and the likes. The sales data can be viewed by: overall, offense, defense, rookie and team rankings by week, 30 days, season (which starts on Draft day).

Tom Brady, Von Miller, Antonio Brown, and Russell Wilson are all fan favorites who have been having stellar seasons, so it was no surprise seeing their names in the Top 10 list. But to see Philadelphia Eagles rookie Carson Wentz in the number one spot for the entire season is really impressive. Clearly, those Eagles fans believe in Wentz and are showing their loyalty with their wallets.

Another rookie who’s been shooting up the charts is the Cowboy’s Dak Prescott, who actually outsold Tom Brady last week, moving up 24 spots to take the #2 spot!

As a die-hard Steelers fan, I’m happy to see that Antonio Brown jersey sales have been strong, keeping him in the Top 10 throughout the season. As for Big Ben, he hasn’t fared quite as well.. 🙁

Steelers jersey

I’ve got to admit, it’s really cool to be able to watch how the sales of your favorite players’ jerseys rise, fall and stack up against the competition in real time, especially if that player is on a winning streak. Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott is a prime example of this, another rookie who has been having an amazing season, causing sales of his jerseys to skyrocket.

The DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report is a really fun way to give fans access to new information on the players and the game they love. But be forewarned, once you start playing with it, it’s easy to lose all track of time, and possibly even buy a jersey or two! Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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