Our whole lives, we are focused on everything under the sun ( our dreams, ambitions, entertainment, sports, politics, weather/nature, friends/relatives infact the whole society and its surroundings etc ), except, one very important thing – Our health. We all know that there are some really very simple steps ( #ChhoteKadam ) to take care for it, but, we’d rather ignore them, and instead, choose to save the world. Hah! That seems more easier task, ain’t it? We don’t realize the toll all these has on our little heart – the engine of our body. Not just our heart, every organ, infact every cell of our body bears the brunt of our ignorance and carelessness. But our heart is the one that actually keeps it all running, hence, is at most risk.

Recently, I was reading an article about what exactly happens to our body once it dies. It revealed that - our heart stops beating first, and then the rest follows ( i.e lungs, brain etc stops functioning ) via – pallor mortis, algor mortis, rigor mortis, livor mortis, putrefaction, decomposition, skeletonization etc ( whole process the body undergoes ). So, it all starts with the heart. So, our 'life' simply depends on its beating, doesn't it? Once it stops, we go through all these ‘scary’ mortises, mentioned above.

Anyways, we all know it – that good way to a healthy heart is staying active, eating better and being happy. Simple, right? But, how exactly do we do these? Lets see...

Yes, we are very active --- almost all day, our eyes, ears and fingers, that is. We’d rather exercise our eyes whole day watching Television/computer screen or keep our hands busy typing into our mobiles ( doing a facebook/twitter etc ), or chatting/gossiping all day on phone. While we seem so active keeping up with rest of the world, ( feeling important & connected ), are we really so? Don't we realise, all these activities actually have us sitting on our lazy bums the whole day, and hence, we aren't really active as we think ourselves to be. Without realising, we bloat out too not to mention our organs and body parts doesn't receive its required amount of movements. While, we don't really need to stop doing these activities, why not simply cut down on it? TV Soaps/shows telecast so many times in a day, facebook or twitter ain’t running away anywhere either, so, it won’t really harm to take a break – and move your ass out of your house. Walk, exercise ~ little by little ( 1 hour daily, if not more – start with 10 minutes ), drink plenty of water in doing so, and that #chhotekadam will indeed make your heart and whole body refreshed, happy and energised.

We are also active in our daily food intake, aren’t we? But do we really watch what we eat? There was a time I survived on only burgers, pizzas, fries, cokes, chips, savouries and sweets via home-delivery 24x7, until one day I fell really ill. I ate some outside food and suffered from food-poisoning. Though, I still love outside food and have occasionally, I cut down drastically on those, after that horrible incident. These food are so so wrong for our heart ( and body ), what with the over-dose of calories and cholesterol that clogs it, and which can block the arteries and risk heart attack. Yes, they are tasty and very tempting, and not wrong to have them --- but, how about just once a week, say a Sunday, indulge yourself. Rest of the week. be strict and eat the healthier stuff. There are also options ( tricks ) to really cut down the oil content in junk-food by squeezing the oil out. For instance, I love eating medu-vadas but to my horror, they are always so dunked and deep fried in huge quantity of oil, so, what I do is either try wrapping them with tissue papers to soak the extra-oil or simply squeeze it in the palm of my hand ( the latter can be little messy ). Do the same with samosas, cutlets or anything deep-fried, if you simply are a junk-food addict. But know the perils of food cooked in such oil/ghee. it is really the enemy of your heart. Realising it, and taking precaution is a #chhotekadam to a healthier heart.

We are also active in our pursuit of happiness. What don't we do to be happy - shop, eat, romance etc etc. But do we really get happiness? We seem to be more stressed-out wanting more and more. Not content with what we have, we simply go chasing - for success, either in earning money/career or getting the love of our life ( don't we all have that phase ;-) to attain what we call happiness. We don't realise, we spend our time worrying more, than we actually attain happiness. We fret and cry if we fail, or worse, go into depression not realising how depression and stress do more damage to our heart than we can ever imagine. When we are sad, our body's hormones react in such a way, that it starts affecting our heart ( with added blood-pressure problems ). Any extreme state of depression can actually cause heart attack too, because, such negativity affects our cells ( we do not realise it, but whatever we do - good or bad - every cell in our body gets affected in a good way or bad way ). So, chuck all that negativity from your life, and you'll be indeed happy. Keep your dreams realistic, don't go berserk if something doesn't work out - there's always a next time, and more importantly, remember the 'temporariness' of life, that such stress or tensions are really not worth given any time. You can be happy, if you choose to be happy - a #chhotekadam really!

So, follow the #ChhoteKadam ( s) above, you'll have a healthy heart for sure. You can thank me later :-) And yup, while we are at this topic of having a healthy heart, don't forget to cook your food with Suffola Life that is especially made for your heart :-) Love Yourself, Take Care & Stay Healthy...


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