Hello once again!

It's a week already, therefore a new foodie adventure is here!

I've been rushing to finish the new adventure last time so that we all had something to read today 
therefore I'm going to collapse now while I present you with...

Choco-Ghast's Butter Cup Crisis!

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Thank you for reading I hope the little adventure has put a smile to your face and make you craving for peanut butter cups
because I am really craving them haha.
As promised we are finally out of the cave!
We haven't walked munch since we are still very close by but I am looking for to the next few posts now I have been looking forward to doing the next few post's for ages since it is actually my favourite part of the movie in The Hobbit.
So stay tuned!
The great excitement begins next week hehe!
~ XXX ~
You are probably thinking...
"Why did she choose Peanut Butter Cups?"
 *Spoiler Alert*
If you have seen The Hobbit you will find that Radaghast actually comes tumbling in and handing over a evil weapon, 
telling Gandalf about Greenwood the Great becoming ill and trees and animals are dying etc.
At first I plan to do the full scene but there was some problems:
1- In my Puckeroom post I big section was cut out so I wouldn't make much sense.

2- In the movie there is a flash back to Radaghast riding to Dol Guldor, which links to sections I cut out.

3- I was running low on time and brain was slightly dead and since I'm not Peter Jackson the epic director I decided to change it ever so slightly.

With all this I realised that I needed to link this post and the puckerooms post together.
Since I introduced the Puckerooms before I couldn't bring them in again and in the movie Radaghast he handed a evil weapon to Gandalf...
but since this foodie adventure is slightly evil-free and I needed some sort of foodie for this adventure.
I decided on finding something to link with Puckerooms, since they are Choco-Ghast's most loved yum yums.
It took me a while to figure out what foodie to put here since I needed something that reminded me for mushrooms and ever so slightly dark and evil, which was quite hard.
At first I went looking for chocolate mushrooms 
but when I found them I thought that they weren't yummy enough 
but since I didn't have much time to do foodie hunting due to work overload,
I kept to the chocolate mushrooms for the time being.
I wasn't until Friday when I zombied my way into the supermarket after work and bought myself quite a few packs of peanut butter cups to keep me going on my journey home.
(Which in the end I forgot to eat and continued my zombie style walk home)
So by the time I got home, I huddled up in a corner and munched away the chocolates since I finally remembered them haha!
 I was when my mother popped over to me and said I looked like a gloomy girl eating some sort of Shitake mushrooms.  
It was then my zombie brain perked up...
 Yup and that is how the yummy peanut butter cups was introduced into my foodie adventure.
And as I scoffed my face with yummy butter cups and started to re-adjust my foodie adventure with a yummy foodie grin on my face haha 
I'm sure everyone who saw me would have thought I am a mad women haha.
~ XXX ~
That is all for now 
I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope to see you again next week for a new foodie adventure!
for visiting and reading
You guys are the ones that keep me smiling and this foodie adventure going!
See you all again next Monday!
~ XXX ~

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