Right person. Right time. Right event. Right words. Right Hacksaw Blades. Life will definitely offer us a wide array of choices. It is a matter of choosing the appropriate and right object that will meet your desires later on. When it comes to industrial tools, finding the right hacksaw blades can actually make cuts cleaner, accurate and efficient.
How to choose the right hacksaw blades?
Hacksaw blades are crucial in metal cutting tool that manufacturers offer. These are deemed to be the most useful blades in the process. Choosing the right hacksaw blade will increase productivity and efficiency.
Saw blade length must match the hacksaw frame
Hacksaw blades are similar yet the number of teeth per inch differentiates each type. The blades that you use should match the hacksaw frame that you will use. TPI or tooth per inch influences the lifespan and the production process of a hacksaw blade. TPI can be set to high or low modes as each setting appropriately matches the desired cutting needs.
Low TPI Blade
Low TPI blade indicates that the gap between the blades’ tooth will increase and thus leading to a longer tooth of the blade. This setting will help you achieve cutting convenience for thick and large materials. It will also help you remove several materials in one single stroke. However, this setting is not suitable for thin metal materials. The blade under low TPI will be destroyed as it might get stuck in the thin metal material. Another disadvantage of low TPI is about the initial cutting process. Blades under this setting seem difficult to begin with as tips of the hand blade are touching the metal for a longer period of time.
High TPI Blade
High TPI blade makes the gap between the blades’ tooth to decrease in length. Shorter tooth of the blade is expected to happen. Unlike low TPI, high TPI blades tend to be structured in cutting thin material. The risk of being stuck in metal materials is less than the use of low TPI blade. It will also be easier to start the cutting process as compared to low TPI blades. Combination of the two settings can be made in order to meet the cutting requirements. High TPI blades will definitely create precision and cleanliness of cuts.
Understanding the materials of production will lead you to choose the correct tool and right hacksaw blade. If the blade cannot meet the efficiency of production, this only means that the usage and selection of hacksaw blade and materials does not match perfectly. Remember that the tools and blades that you use in cutting the materials are crucial to maintain cost-effective production.
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