For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee (Isaiah 60:2).

We are living in a time when the contrast between the philosophies governing the world and the apostolic truth of scripture has never been so vastly different and the divide grows more every day. To whose charge shall we commit the education of our children? What forces will we permit to shape and mold their impressionable young minds? Will we turn our children over to the charge of men and women who are the proselytizers of a world order founded upon satanically inspired systems designed to destroy all those to whom they are taught? Or will we allow the truth of God’s word to shape and form their worldview? Surely this is a crucial choice for us all! Our children are our most precious blessing.  It is they who will carry the light of the gospel to future generations.
The most significant influence by far upon our children’s lives in their formative years is the education they will receive. A Christian education is no longer an attractive option; it is imperative. It is the only education that is founded upon the truth of the word of God, which is the only shield against doctrines of demons designed to destroy our children before they are even able to understand what is happening to them. Will we abandon them to the merciless grip of our archenemy? God forbid! We urge you with all that is in us: choose Christian education for your children today, so that they may be preserved from the darkness and corruption that is rapidly consuming our society today.