I have a young Facebook friend who is a talented baker. I have been captivated by his bread and Christmas goodies since the beginning of November when he started uploading photos of the finished products.

As I am organising a Christmas Eve dinner plus a Christmas Day High Tea for some senior citizens, I decided to make a trip to purchase his panettone, fruitcake and stollen one morning. In Singapore, these Christmas goodies are traditionally only imported but now I can have them fresh from the oven.

From East Coast Road, I took a bus to transfer to Farrer station on the downtown line, but I went to Holland Village instead. LOL.... I managed to find Bakery Brera after some difficulty because it was my first visit to this part of Singapore.

I was greeted by Thrina, the friendly lady boss. After hearing how I get to know her bakery, she brought Barry to meet me. The shy young man was hard at work, baking furiously to fulfil pre-orders.

I bought a stollen and a fruitcake, I was so disappointed that Panettones were sold out that day.  

Thrina offered me some fruitcake and croissant samples for tasting. I was delighted to see pandesals being sold here. I like pandesals and promptly bought some.

I will go back for their pandesals, baguette and croissants on my next trip.

I did a trial run of Christmas Day High Tea one morning and my hubby likes the stollen very much. It was his first time tasting a stollen and he couldn't stop eating it. LOL

Their Christstollen or Stollen contains candied orange peel, cranberry, sultanas and black raisins, lemon zest, spices and marzipan (almond paste), giving it a rich flavour. This fruit bread is not too sweet and it is really yummy.

The fruitcake was rich and moist.... I should keep the fruitcake for a while more to allow it to ripen and mature for a more flavourful taste.

I also did a a trial run of  Christmas Eve dinner, my family members enjoyed eating the delicious pandesals, they are so soft and fluffy. My kids sliced the pandesals into halves, filled each with ham, sausage or baked chicken. Actually, the locally adapted version of this Filipino bread are delicious enough to eat on their own.

Thrina and Barry of Baking Brera. 

I might have to do another trial run of the Christmas meals but we are positive our elderly guests will enjoy the Christmas goodies.


在我的脸书里看到一位年轻的朋友上传他自己烘烤的圣诞节蛋糕, 就和先生一起摸上门找他。去到店里, 发现他是一位很有才华的烘培师, 我当天也认识了他的老板娘 Thrina。

向他们买了一个德式圣诞蛋糕 - 史多伦 (S$25) Stollen 和一个圣诞水果蛋糕 (S$30)。店里也卖意大利潘妮朵 (Panettone), 不过当天已卖完了。

意外看到他们有卖菲律宾特色小面包 pandesal (原意:咸面包)。经过改良, 这面包口味不咸, 十分松软, 我蛮爱吃的。

这天早上, 我先做了一个迷你圣诞下午茶试吃, 我先生是第一次吃德式圣诞蛋糕。他竟爱上了这个质地细腻,甜度没有想像中高的蛋糕。形状类似面包, 德式圣诞蛋糕内有果脯和杏仁,口感丰厚, 越吃越好吃, 根本停不下来。

看来, 长辈们将会享受这次的圣诞下午茶。