Although posted almost a year ago but I have just seen this video. It’s about two presidential candidates, Mar Roxas and Rodrigo Duterte, who sent their Christmas greetings to all Filipinos.


Two men are as different as night and day. A smooth-talker candidate versus foul-mouthed one. So glad that our president today is the foul-mouthed one.

Here in Germany, mothers from Krabbelngruppe have asked me about Philippine’s current President, Rodrigo Duterte. At first, I thought to open my mouth and explain that majority of the Filipinos actually voted and still continually supported him but decided to not try too hard and ended up chanting: Duterte! Duterte! Duterte!. Because their next question was about my family in Philippines, if my parents’ work address are either in a field as farmer or in the middle of the sea as fisher. Seems like they have their mind made up already that people in Philippines are almost always, either of these two.

Susmaryosep! We actually live in the city back in Philippines, my parents sell casket for living and only my German husband is the fisherman in the family.

No, I didn’t see this coming. If someone told me before that I will be a fisherman’s wife someday, I think I will laughed out loud. Good thing though that Mann is a better engineer than a fisher. Otherwise, I will go verrückt!