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Writer Cindy Vine's newest book, How to Say No to Sex and other Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single, offers an easy-to-read practical approach to coping with a newly single life and getting back on track after that nasty break-up.

After the success of her first book,  Fear Phobias and Frozen Feet, which tackled how to break the cycle of bad relationships in your life, Cindy decided to stick to her light-hearted style and continues to cut out the psycho-babble.  In her new book, she gives many useful survival tips and strategies for even the most devastated..

Being single after an intense relationship is a daunting prospect for many. Cindy shows how to overcome the grief experienced when a relationship ends, how to get your life back in order again, and how to avoid making the same mistakes next time round. In addition, she has  included sections on how to sort out your finances, how to avoid common mistakes made during sex, ten uses for an old photo of your ex., and finally how to end up being really happy. You will find many other useful tips to get you on the road to healing.

The chapter How to say no to sex discusses how to avoid  jumping into bed with all and sundry to make yourself feel better. The title may be misleading, as some readers may think the whole book is about abstinence, but it is not. It's about getting your life back on track again when you feel low and devastated.  It's about how to become happy again and start focusing on the positive.


Cindy Vine was  born in Cape Town, South Africa but have lived in many different countries. She is  the author of the self-help book Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet as well as the novel Stop the world, I need to pee! a fictional account of the life and crimes of Fenella Fisher. In January 2010 she published The Case of Billy B which is a story about a father and son who face some immense challenges in life, including a psychopathic stalker. In April of this year, she finished Fighting Fisi, a children's picture book about bullying which is in the process of being published.
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