scene one:
Between TA & The Salon.

[ After their shifts, Lorenzo &
Hahn are sitting down at the
outdoor table. ]

"Thanks for inviting me.  I
don't get to have a lot of
bro time anymore."

LORENZO: Why?  Has Syria 
cracked the whip since your 
HAHN: No it's Charles.  Ever
since he took over my lease.
I've seen less and less of him.
LORENZO: Well you know where
he lives.  Just show up one night.

[ Hahn looks away, ending the
subject & they stay quiet for
awhile.  Thankfully Pierre shows
up to break the silence. ]

HAHN: Nice man.  Those layers
are on fleek.

[ Pierre sits, staring him down. ]

PIERRE: Uhh thanks.  Who is this
LORENZO: He's a manager at TA.
PIERRE: Nice to meet you. So
what do we have planned
for the night?
HAHN: Apparently it's a mystery.

LORENZO: Yeah and we should
get going.  The dinner part starts
in just an hour.

[ They pile In L's car & head for
Mason City. ]

scene two: 
Meanwhile, on the highway.

[ Dyminic is driving on a country road.
He pulls into a driveway, gets out
fast & knocks on the door.  Excited.

Waiting, he looks over at the stables
& miles of stretched out land. ]

"Dime.  Come in."

DYMINIC: Everything looks the same.

[ They hug and he follows his friend
back behind the house. ]

SANDERS: Here.  I already have one
ready for you.

[ Dyminic smiles & they lead their
horses out on his massive track. ]

DYMINIC: I should bring my wife out
here.  She would love the views.

[ Sanders doesn't answer & rides on
ahead.  Changing from a brisk jog
to a steady sprint.

Dyminic watches as Sanders' horse gains
momentum, ready to lap his own. ]

[ Later inside.  They are talking over
their glasses of whiskey. ]

SANDERS: I have some guys coming
over tonight to race.  You in?
DYMINIC: I don't know bud.  I've
never really tried.  I'm more into
the relaxation of it all.

SANDERS: It's cool.  I can show you.
Once you start, you can't get
enough.  Trust me.

[ Dyminic takes a drink, unsure. ]

scene three:
Later that night.

[ Lorenzo parks in a back lot. Hahn
& Pierre follow him toward the
entrance. ]

LORENZO: You may want to stick
with me.  If there's a murderer
inside, I can sniff it out.
PIERRE: Alright Rover be my
guest.  I'm just here for the

[ They stop talking when Hahn
reaches in front of them. Looking
over the gate, they see two people
dressed in costume arguing. ]

"If this is how she wants to
do things.  I'll celebrate my
last night."

"You don't mean that, we
can talk to the boss."

"I'm done talking.  After to-
night she will know."

[ Later inside. Lorenzo & Pierre
are watching Hahn tear through
his sirloin and potatoes.  ]

LORENZO: You should be paying
attention.  There are clues every-

[ Hahn looks up for a second. ]

HAHN: Stuff 'em.  Mmmmm.
PIERRE: We all know the lights
are going to go out at some
point.  Whatever you do
don't scream.

[ He teases Hahn and they laugh
getting in their last bites.

Soon the lights start to flicker in
the room and everyone stops.

Trying to gain some insight. ]

scene four:
Back at the Ranch.

[ Dyminic is eyeing the track. 
Hearing the signal, he readies
his horse but all the other riders
have already taken a lead. 

Once he gets back around, he
gains confidence and starts to
pass other participants. ]

[ He sees Sanders a little ways
ahead & attempts to pick up
the pace.

Head to head now, Dyminic
keeps his glance steady on
the approaching finish line. ]

"I got this."

[ Dyminic thinks to himself
already imagining getting
there first.

Just when Sanders passes
him at the end. ]

SANDERS: Not gonna lie.  That
was decent for your first time.
DYMINIC: Decent?  I'm almost
beat your butt.  

[ Suddenly they hear footsteps
and a few men in uniform 
approach the bonding riders. ]

"You are all going with us."

[ Dyminic stands there in shock
as officers surround, putting
everyone in handcuffs. 

Sanders is being brought out. ]

scene five:
At the event.

"Everyone needs to evacuate
the building.  This way please."

[ Lorenzo, Hahn, & Pierre join
the crowd that is being gathered
from the tables.

They hear a scream in the back-
ground. ]

PIERRE: Is this part of it?

[ Lorenzo just nods, looking around. ]

[ Everyone is gathered in the
front room where the one actor
from earlier & a female are
positioned in the middle. ]

People stand back to listen. ]

"It was you the whole time."

[ The audience is glued but the
participant looks perplexed by
her coworkers choice of ad
lib. ]

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"You're sleeping with my brother."

[ The other man from the alley
appears & immediately a fight
breaks out.

Horror sweeps over the crowd
as the situation quickly turns
to a very, scary real. ]

scene six:

[ In a holding cell close by. ]

"Don't worry I got the bail.  We'll
be out of here asap."

DYMINIC: That's not the point.  You
didn't tell me what we were doing
was illegal.  I thought you of all
people would have the proper

SANDERS: I did but they ran out.  
And of course my regular racers 
aren't going to understand.
DYMINIC: So you shut it down.

Take a break.

[ Dyminic stands up, pacing. ]

SANDERS: It's fine.  We'll go to
court and everything will get
worked out.  Like a slap on the
DYMINIC: It's not that simple.

If this is charged as a felony.
I could be barred from my
SANDERS: That's not going to

"Mr Jones?"


"You can go.  Your wife is here."

DYMINIC: You better hope not.