As a business owner, there are many "hats" you need to wear. At times you are the CEO, CFO, COO, and head manager all in one day. With so many hats to wear, you might be worried about balancing all of your roles. How will you find the time needed to complete all tasks? What if you "drop the ball," how will your business suffer? Putting these worries to the side and figuring out how to balance your life as a small business owner is the first step towards successfully juggling all of the hats that you will need to wear throughout the day, week, month, or year.

Discovering The Right Balance And Number Of "Hats" As A Small Business Owner

According to CNN.Money, "nearly four in 10 workers report logging 50+ hours on the job." With these extending working hours, achieving the right balance between your various hats or responsibilities will require you to be smart about the way that you work. If you have a pile of invoices on your desk at the same time that you have a blog post open on your computer, and a client calling in for their scheduled service consultation, you might feel as if you are being pulled in a million directions without actually accomplishing anything. Does the latter situation sound like your daily life? If so, we are here to help you with clear actionable steps that will put you back in the driver's seat.

Step 1: Define Your Roles

In order to achieve balance, you need to clearly define both your client-facing and non-client facing tasks. Another way of looking at these two task categories is as income generating and non-income generating tasks. Within each of these tasks think about the various roles that you complete. Write down each role, as well as the job description for each role. Next, pull out your calendar. Determine how much time on a weekly basis you have to spend on each of the tasks associated with each role. Finally, pencil in (either literally or metaphorically if you are using a digital calendar) time for each role. It is important that you remain realistic about what you can achieve within a week. During the week you will need to enforce strict time boundaries, so that when you have your "clients hat" on you don't get pulled into answering emails from vendors.

Step 2: Create An Energy Map

The most successful people know if they work better in the morning, post-lunch, evening, or some combination of all three. Creating an energy map will help you to not only be more productive throughout the day, but it will also help you to more easily transition between each of your hats. Over the course of a few days, write down your energy peaks and troughs. After a few days, you will notice if there is a pattern.

Once you have determined the pattern, you will need to decide which roles, and associated tasks should be completed during your optimum period of performance. The remainder of your tasks, such as those repetitive non-tasking things like updating a database, should be completed during your energy troughs. After you have adjusted your schedule to best meet your energy and business needs, you will discover that you are not only more productive throughout the day, but that juggling each of your hats is no longer quite as stressful.

Step 3: Leverage The Power Of Your Team

When small business owners wear multiple hats throughout the day, it is all too easy for them to become micro-managers. Instead of trying to do everyone's job, take the time needed to focus on your own tasks. Leverage the skills of your team to ensure that all daily tasks are being completed at the optimal levels. Finally, you can and should use helpful tools, like SkyBoss to help you more effectively complete your daily tasks. SkyBoss is a field service software that helps small business owners, like yourself, to successfully manage and operate a field service company. By using this software you cannot only increase business efficiencies, but you will more effectively be able to wear each of your business hats.

When you can successfully wear all of your business hats, your clients, employees, and business will thank you as efficiencies are increased and your business begins to thrive. Sign-up for a free SkyBoss demo to learn more about how to balance your time, enhance business operations, and increase productivity across all roles.

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