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Programming Life: Cold and Damp

To sit in the darkness, in the cold and damp, is unpleasant on the creature level. Much better is it to sit in the sunshine, in the dry warmth of unfolded day.

Only the wild things remember to love the fog.

The domesticated ones prefer to meditate with clarity of mind, with clear-headed awareness and distance to observe thoughts. When we have not yet found our way past the duality of things, we strive after control. Our judgments bolt us to the world.

The truth is that conditions are not persuaded by preferences or attachment. The preferences and attachments are the conditions.

Step backward, and the preference of sunshine over the cold and damp is just another construct of mind. The release of attachment reveals that clarity versus cloudy thinking is also just a mental object. The seat of consciousness is never uncomfortable or chilly. It is only the creature in the world that is persuaded.

What is the distance between a man and the divine? The distance is the distance of the step backward, the space between preferences and acceptance, the miles between desire and faith. On a creature level, the sunshine is better than the cold and damp. On the level of witness, though, both tumbling forms are variations of that same daily bread.

Give us this day our daily bread, Holy Spirit.

To sit in the darkness, in the cold and damp, is lovely and gracious on the witness level. It is as good to be given the forms we have no taste for as it is to given the forms we prefer, when we trust that the bread given is that which we need to nourish us. Let us not be as children squabbling about eating the vegetables on our plates. Let us drink the cup we are given.

To meditate in confusion as the tumbling attachments crash and dismantle themselves against the shore is wondrous. To know that all things in time, including our bodies and minds, have their seasons is to abide. The mystery and miracle of winter on the land is no less than summer. And it is no less in our minds. But we must take not one, but two steps, back to accept such gifts.

Ah, bliss! I emerge from my morning meditation cold and numbed, with a tickle in my throat and a cloud in my mind. Is this not how it feels when eternity breathes in? I am happy to dance in the rain with you, oh my Beloved.

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