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Communication is the Holy Grail to Life, Business, and Relationships. Whether you agree or disagree has no positioning to the truth! That Communication is King!

If we could understand the person standing in front of us. Whether we are trying to Date, Relate, or Sell this person. How do we start? How do we adjust to meet that particular Personality. If we have no clue to that person’s personality.

Is it possible to Id the Personality in a timely manner with out losing that position. How long until their gone? No longer in front of you giving you their precious time or attention. How much Time will they give you to pitch them?

Less than a Minute? I would bet the farm that you would lose them within a single minute if you don’t connect in some way. Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Personally.

Hand them a Brochure, shake their hand, pat their back; casually only. Paint a picture, tell a story, or share your story. But which personality is receptive and how far can you go with a signal personality? If you can even Connect with the personality. Will you know what that person is a custom to share, give, or relate to?

Where can you learn about personalities and learn quickly and easily enough to benefit you for the Time and Money you give. To get the required Knowledge that gives you the edge, your foot in the door, or their full attention for the next two minutes?

With a few questions after you have learned and mastered the simple teachings about personality types. You should be able within fifteen seconds pick up and out that person’s two major personality types.

With a few more questions you’ll get a deeper understanding of who and what that person is about, likes, and dislikes. Who they married if their married, their strongest traits/ their weakest traits. Let me ask you If you could pick up and understand your child, spouse, or prospect in that short of Time what could that do for you? How much Time would it potentially save you?

Well I think I could solve many of my communication problems with family and friends for sure with such a knowledge. And if I could know my prospects as I do my family and friends. I could get more conversions from the willing and spend less time with the unwilling.

Understanding personalities is King. when it comes to conversions. Getting people to understand what you have to offer them in the way they want you to relate It to them. Even If they don’t know that is the way they want you to communicate the message you have.

It won’t be easy but it wont take you long to make It worth IT. For the amount of Time, effort, and money that you will save. To make it worth your wild. Once you master the skill, understand how, where, and when to or not to use it.You will have a feeling of where have you been all my life! Or How did I get along with out you for so long?

It is a Life skill, a personal relationship skill, and a Business tool that will become Priceless to you when you use it properly and worthless if you use it incorrectly.

It is a knowledge worth much more than its weight in platinum. It will deliver upon your doorstep a true wisdom key.

Mastering the art of communication is a skill and can be taught to basically everyone or anyone willing to seek It.

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