confessioni have a confession to make. i consider myself a book snob, but have gotten away from reading books i can hold in my hand to now reading books mostly on my nook. i’m fine with digital books, at least i’m still looking at words on an electronic page. i still read printed page books too.

a few months ago, someone told me they were listing to an audio book and i immediately scrunched up my face into a frown and shuddered. “that’s not reading,” i said in my head. “i could never listen to an audio book.” i turned up my nose at the thought of this inferior form of reading. i’m also easily distracted and good at tuning people out.

two weeks ago i wanted to read a book i didn’t want to checkout at the library, so i downloaded the audio ebook version from my library and it wasn’t as bad as i imagined.  it wasn’t a novel, so maybe that’s why the experience was pleasant.

i recently listened to my first novel and i’m already on my second audio ebook.  at night, i still read from my nook or a borrowed book from the library, but i have to admit, i am excited about having someone else read to me for a change.


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