Everyone loves to eat fast food once in a while. It’s quick, easy and convenient when you’ve got loads to do and have no time for cooking. Eating gluten-free doesn’t have to mean cutting out all the unhealthy stuff that you crave. Many restaurants and supermarkets actually now cater for people with a gluten-free diets. A quick search of sites such as HungryHouse reveals loads of restaurants with gluten free options to try and you can usually find a ‘free from’ aisle in most of the big supermarkets.

If you feel like treating yourself to some takeaway food then here are 3 gluten-free convenience meals you can try at home which will satisfy your fast food cravings but will also keep your health in check.

Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza:

Most Italian restaurants now offer gluten free options on the menu, but this classic dish is really simply to make at home too. Made with gluten-free bread flour, it tastes almost the same as the traditional pizza dough. Use buffalo mozzarella to put on top, as its light texture and full flavour will make this dish irresistible. You can find Jamie Oliver’s suggested recipe for this and all the instructions on how to make it here.

Chicken Wings:

This is the ultimate convenience food but for those on a gluten free diet, the ingredients can sometimes catch you out. If you’re eating out or ordering a takeaway, avoid the deep fried versions, which are coated in flour, and opt for the bbq version. Alternatively, this is a dish you can marinade and bung in the oven pretty sharpish. There are a range of different ways you could make this, the most popular being bbq but you can try out some of the more unusual sauces. Have a look at: pineapple teriyaki, orange glazed, honey and ginger or even chilli if you want a bit of an experiment. I’d recommend the original barbeque chicken wings for starters but take a look at all the other types you can try.

Caramelised Onion and Mushroom Burgers:

Burgers are a great way to go all year round, a great comfort food in winter and also an easy BBQ food in summer. I like this option as you can always put a different twist on it depending on how you feel. Onion and mushroom is my favourite combination but you could also try with bacon and pineapple or your favourite cheese. Take a look here for a burger recipe you can have a go at which uses shop bought gluten free bread rolls. Alternatively you can substitute the bun for two portobello mushrooms with the stalks removed.