Person thing that you passed by and pretended to ignore that is what they told you after you sat in the lobby that smelled of waiting and boredom reeking with being put off for more important more strident complaints don't say another word answer me and remember to be specific and really try this time not to repeat yourself or had all those extra things in on the tail dragging behind you leaving such a putrid brownish mess where you've been and once you've read over it make damn sure to erase almost all of it and speak to someone before you decide to quit I mean are you sure are you really certain and you and I both know how ambivalent you not only can be but how your mind just drops down the elevator shafts of both arms split into a collapse of binocular fashion vision depleted of any effort you worthless scum of the planet as it floats out there here bastard to come back another day to be obliterated or not by some meteor some object of interest filed aside swiftly with an ignorance you cannot seem to muster for any other more useful occasion playing and losing at pretend succeeding in only deceiving yourself sometimes you fall into the front row seat and look up blinking the stage-lights out of your skull cracking with a desire for stars but pay attention better attention to this direction rubbing your nose against the wall making a line of blood as you pass the person thing that you pass and pretend to ignore poorly.

What was I thinking when it crossed my mind the lives and the confusion word games and detours slicing my face in two with the sharp edges of its signs I have half a mind I mean half of that even it's what I started with only recall back to the crib filled with dead birds dropping out of the ceiling or through the window clouded with dry smoke and regret before I had done much stalling still stalling and who the fuck cares what was I thinking when it got knocked over by my reach fingers conspiring against the muscles tied together with string knotted into loops little people better off never coming out from the blankets of their nightmares the one where the apartment complex was underwater and little arms tried to make their way up into dry smoke that led up into a narrow throat getting stuck under a filthy staircase and its peeling paint of hopelessness floating up instead.

- Max Stoltenberg