Whether you work from home, have a hobby or craft like writing or art, or just appreciate the importance of stepping away from the typical household chaos, creating a sacred space in your home to which you can retreat can improve concentration, increase productivity, and reduce stress levels. Regardless of what the specific purpose is, here are some qualities to focus on when setting aside a nook for peaceful pursuits:


  • Light. Lighting has a huge impact on a room and its suitability for the purpose of your space. If you want to create a calm mood, choose low-wattage, warm lighting. If you are looking for a space where you can retreat but also be productive, opt for blue-white light overhead lighting that has been shown to boost productivity. If you live in an apartment or are using a small interior room, it's likely that you won't have access to ample natural light to brighten your space. Choosing good quality lighting that casts the right level of ambience is crucial in designing a space that is welcoming and positive.
  • Comfort. It's essential to fill your room with the right kind of functional furniture. You can create clear surface areas for work spaces as well as design simple comfort nooks for relaxation and contemplation. Whether you are planning your room to be for quiet endeavors like meditation or for something that requires quiet and concentration like writing, choosing the right furnishings will help you capture the right mood. Simple accent chairs accompanied by a throw pillow or two can transform a corner of a room into a soft sanctuary.
  • Organization. Scientific studies have shown that visual clutter has a negative impact on your ability to focus and can even exacerbate mood disorders like depression and anxiety. There's something to be said for designing a room in a minimalist style. Surround yourself with clean lines, neutral colors, do a major purge of old papers, supplies, or unused items that are gathering dust. Your sacred space shouldn't have any extraneous items in it. If you want to house supplies for crafts or hobbies, consider installing a few chic-looking cabinets to keep the clutter out of sight.
  • Digital detox. If you are like most people today, you are in a relationship with your smartphone and you keep it safe and close to you at all times. Spending too much time watching screens has a negative effect on your ability to concentrate on a single task and it's important to step away from your gadgets on a regular basis. If you want to create a sacred space in your home where you can concentrate, clear your head, and relax, you may want to consider keeping it low-tech. If you want to write and can't bear the thought of writing longhand, set up an old computer or word processor that isn't connected to the Internet so you won't be tempted to stray onto Facebook or Instagram.
  • Versatility. Most of us don't have the luxury of devoting entire rooms for a single purpose like meditation, hobbies, or work, but even if you live in a small home, you can still create a space within it that has positive energy and inspires you to create, relax, and unwind. Even a small room can be set aside for privacy and creative or contemplative pursuits. With the proper organization and design, you can turn a single room into a multi-purpose space that allows you the freedom to step away from your busy life and devote some much-needed time to self-care. A single room can be for yoga or meditation, crafts, art, work-from-home, or even just a comfortable space set aside for reading or listening to music.
  • Security. Part of creating a haven in your home is making sure you don't have the stresses that are associated with the unknown. In order to set your mind at ease, you should work on being proactive with your home security. Whether you go with a DIY home security system or a professionally installed one, you will be happy with the peace of mind it provides you and your loved ones.

Whatever you choose to do with the space you set aside, considering things like lighting, organization, and versatility will open you up to a world of relaxing and creative possibilities.