Last year I sold some fun wooden wall decorations.

I’ve seen a lot of these signs in bars and restaurants in my days when I still frequented such places. But those were mostly food or drink themed. Actually my co-picker found it in November 2015. I doubted if it would go quickly. Cricket is not big in the Netherlands and mainly played by posh university folks.

However I liked my cricked man because his friendly face reminded me of a co-worker of many years ago who was a pleasant peer to hang out with.

My friend liked him simply because she is of British origin.

My real cricket player finally found his way to my board halfway February. Indeed he was from Leiden, renowned for its university and was going to hang it in the club house.

This smaller one is obviously a souvenir item, most likely from Germany. On top it was half cracked through the middle. But then, anything handmade is worth rescuing. Found across the street late February. This took until June to go. The buyer wrote in his email that is was to decorate his Alpine themed caravan. Sounded cool to me, though there aren’t any high mountains in the picture.