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Many men around the globe suffer from a medical condition called Gynaecomastia, which most people refer to as “man boobs”. This results because of a hormone imbalance in their bodies or from being overweight, which causes their estrogen to increase. Most doctors prefer to cure this condition with medicines but when it becomes serious, they recommend chest reduction surgeries. Male chest reduction operations to cure Gynaecomastia are similar to liposuction as the medical experts remove the excess fatty tissue from the region of the breasts. This cosmetic surgery operation is simple, quick and the patients can recovery from a surgery within a short period.

Sono Bello is popular and reputed cosmetic surgery clinic in America that provides innovative and cost-effective chest reduction surgeries that are a class apart from its competitors in this field. The competent surgeons carry out such operations have the necessary certification from the Board of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons along with the necessary skill, knowledge and experience. Moreover, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc recognizes, approves and certifies this clinic, which indicates that patients who come to this prominent cosmetic surgery clinic for treatments will receive the best quality healthcare in the country. This is the reason why this clinic is is first choice among patients who opt for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their outer appearance.

Why do men undergo chest reduction surgeries?

The proficient and experienced surgical professionals of this clinic explains while exercising regularly to lose weight, many men will notice that there is reduction in the appearance of their breasts but in some men it may also results in enlarged breasts. This causes these individuals to become self-conscious about their appearance, which affects their self-confidence. Male chest reduction surgery is currently the only effective treatment for Gynaecomastia with long-lasting results that helps patients regain their self-esteem. They go on to clarify that it is also possible to conduct such surgeries with the aid of liposuction, especially with the recent advances in this technology. However, they emphasize that the cosmetic surgeon plays a critical role in deciding the type of liposuction technology that he/she will use for the operation.


The surgical specialists elucidate that in this operation the competent medical practitioner will make a small incision in region of the lower part of the patient’s nipple to removes the excess fat deposits via liposuction. The duration of the entire surgery is normally takes one to two hours to complete.

Benefits of the surgery

These medical experts also clarify the male chest reduction surgeries have the following important advantages that make them popular among the public:

  • These surgeries enhance the self-esteem of the patients as they do not have to become conscious of their appearance, especially in the region of their torso;
  • The patient’s chest appears flatter, firmer and its contours are proportionate to his body weight; and
  • When it comes to choosing clothes, men who had previously undertaken this operation now have a wider choice.

The professionals at Sono Bello say  the chest reduction surgeries not improves a man’s appearance but also helps to regain his self-esteem.

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