by Sharon Hurley Hall

Online content is almost universally recognized as a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy. While it’s clear that content is indeed king in this sphere, what’s less evident is just how businesses can best use content to achieve their goals. ROI for content marketing is notoriously difficult to measure and understand. This type of campaign is best approached as a long-term effort, but some companies don’t have the patience or understanding to wait out the interim and reap the rewards of the long view.

More than half of marketing agencies believe that their clients know nothing about creating content campaigns and a third feel that their biggest challenge is understanding and meeting clients’ expectations. Don’t fall into this difficult majority. Set yourself up for success by diving into the numbers and getting a better view of how content marketing works. This informed insider view of the online marketing industry will give you the edge you need to make a real impact with your internet postings.

Once you have an understanding of what you’re doing with content marketing, you have almost unlimited potential to connect with your audience. Eighty-three percent of device users around the globe use multiple screens. These consumers are almost constantly connected, using an average of five devices and 10 services. Meet your target audience where they’re at and push your marketing to a new level with a smarter approach to content. Check out the infographic below for valuable insights from CopyPress about the content marketing landscape.

Content Marketing Ecosystem IG