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Programming Life: The Curved Boundary of Perception

I feel the boundary of perception most when morning mist cradles the land, swaddling me as an infant in soft cloth. This morning, dawn is a tender mother. My house sits in a curved space as though the world is a snow globe distorted by jewels of dew. It’s vivid in its blurriness, a desert fog reflected in a drop of water.

Regardless of weather, we can reach out with our minds and feel the bounds of perception. The physical is symbolic of the mental, and the mental is a creation we participate in. But these worlds we wander are not the manifestation of our conscious beliefs alone, there is an otherness in the depths of fog and darkness. Talk about the subconscious and higher self is blinding; any labels we fix to the otherness impede our vision. Our labels stand between us and the mysterious like mountains blind physical eyes to further horizons.

Your attention is an artist and your perception is the art. The eye of awareness creates a round local presence surrounding your embodiment of body-mind. This is the snow globe and reflective drop of dew. Beyond this little bubble, our conjuring weakens into insubstantiality. The curved boundary of perception demarcates the little world you create under the kind guidance of the Beloved.

In your snow globe, dear hearts, things mysterious and faerie stir and move. You can, if you wander with attention and love, discover for yourself the wise old stewardship and friendship of the trees. You can hear for yourself the choir psalms of the bees. The grasses dance gracefully when the earth mother whispers her singing breezes. Your heart is joined with the Beloved’s in all these manifestations; you are in them and they in you. Sitting in gentle repose, you can travel far into the garden of your heart.

Most astounding of all, this curved boundary of perception forms a circular door into the greater garden of the Beloved. At times, you sense the infinite and divine that lay beyond the veil. The veil is immense, covering every time but now and everywhere but here. Looking ahead and behind in their travels, many seekers overlook the entrance they seek and carry with them. The pearl of wisdom, dear heart, is in your very own pocket – and you are in the pearl.