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Over the past 3.5 years, we’ve had the opportunity to travel to lots of awesome places together. Atlanta, NYC, Sonoma, Buffalo, Seattle…the list is growing each year, and we are so grateful that we get to explore new places side-by-side.


Today we’re jetsetting yet again, and this time we’re heading to the Haven Conference. Haven is a blogger conference specifically for DIY & home bloggers and is being held in Atlanta. We’ve gone twice before and always love seeing other bloggers who share the same passion as us! It should be a jam-packed weekend in Atlanta and we are looking forward to connecting with lots of old friends. And on top of that, a whole weekend together to catch up on blogging, DIY and LIFE… what’s not to love?!

Traveling with your bestie is the best. And since we’re so similar when it comes to our traveling habits (we’re both organized yet laid back) our travels are usually stress-free and so darn easy, which makes each trip fun! Since we’re such compatible travel partners, we have a few more trips planned for the remainder of the year, including a week-long trip to Mexico with our husbands over New Year’s! <— this trip is the blog’s treat to them for their endless love & support. We couldn’t do it without them and want to make sure they know how much we appreciate their help. 




We recently ordered some new luggage tags from Zazzle, not only to jazz up our boring black bags…but also to get us excited for our remaining trips together! 


We went with these sleek black and white tags from Zazzle for the girls.


And purchased these masculine, faux leather tags for the boys!


There’s even a slot on there where you can easily insert your business card right into the tag. 


So convenient, right?! 


There are so many options for luggage tags on Zazzle, and it took us forever to decide (we seriously scrolled for way too long, but it was so fun to check them all out!). Ultimately we loved the classic look of these tags, and especially love how you can personalize them with your name right on the front. And for less than $11 a pop…you really can’t go wrong!


So it looks like we are officially all set for this weekend’s getaway! We will be en-route to Atlanta later today, matching bag tags and all. You can follow this weekend’s Haven adventure on Snapchat (diyplaybook), on Instagram, or stay tuned for a full recap right here on the blog next Friday.

And speaking of Atlanta– any recommendations?! We’d love to hear about any local hot spots we can check out. We’ll be free one of the evenings and would love to explore the city a bit.
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P.S. Why didn’t we think of this idea for Casey’s Bachelorette party in Sonoma?! An $11 personalized bag tag for all the guests, genius!!