Trying to lose weight with exercise and diet is only one way that many use for losing weight. But, there are many who are just not able to make this method work for them. This can leave many in a situation where obesity has put them at a high risk for complications related to other diseases.

Candidates for bariatric surgery

These are the people who the option of weight loss surgery can truly help. But there are even some of these people who are not able to be a good candidate for weight-loss surgery. This is when they need to consult with a surgeon who specializes in bariatric surgery to talk to about their options. Weight loss surgery is a procedure that in some cases is permanent and that also require a lifetime commitment in order to stick to a healthy lifestyle as well as a proper diet.

Advantages of bariatric surgery

There are advantages to bariatric surgery and they include:

  • Improvement in overall health;
  • Lower risk of disease associated to weight – such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis;
  • Easier mobility;
  • Decreased need for medications;
  • Enhanced quality of life and self-esteem;
  • Longer lifespan.

Surgery and diabetes

The British Journal of Surgery published a study that showed 41% of patients with diabetes who have gastric bypass surgery reached remission (normal glucose metabolism without taking medication one year after surgery). Experts in this field state that diabetic patients who have both surgery plus medication work better than either treatment by itself, as not all patients achieve this remission status.

Life depends on weight loss

Most candidates are those who have exercised and dieted with little or no successful results and their life depends on losing weight. You can get further information about bariatric surgery at Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Options.

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