Spring sunshine stretches herself warm, wide and welcoming over cold-shouldered fields and ditches, in the places where water gathers. She stirs molecules long-stilled to action, her rays a rousing address to an eager audience. Trickles join forces into streams, streams into runs, and runs into roaring gurgling drains where culverts strain to encompass the whole. And almost overnight, the accumulation of a winter is gone, deposited into the basest common denominator - the geological low-point of a lake basin.

Decaying ice marks the high points of a trickle gone wild. Places where waters, swollen with purpose and action, rose to the occasion - and fell ingloriously to decomposition when the stuff of dreams drained dry.

Only two things can keep the action going.

One is to ensure a constant supply of influx. Another is to act like a beaver and dam it up, plugging the places where the moisture leaks away in its search for its ancestral home.

 A messy business, that. It involves work - clearing trees. Mucking about in the mud, packing debris firm against makeshift dams, beaverish feverish maelstrom of activity to redirect the flow and keep some back for personal use.

Aren't there times when you find yourself leaking?

You can't keep up with the demand. Your job requires your full-time energy. Your children need your presence - and not just your leftovers. Your marriage only thrives with intentional input. Friendships fade without maintenance. I haven't even listed the clubs, charities, volunteer activities, coaching commitments that many of us have added to the roster.

There are times when I feel that I need to plug the hole. Stop the outflow, the perpetual drain of resources. Because if I don't dam something up, I'm leaking...

Just in case you think this phenomenon can't possibly be addressed by an ancient text like the Bible, think again.

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16

This leaking business is not new. We humans were designed to only give so much before we need a new influx of energy. We are forced by our physical selves to stop and eat a regular intervals. We need sleep - lots of it - to function.
What makes you think you can get away with not feeding your spirit, too?
I need inward renewal - regularly. Daily. In even larger doses when my output is higher than normal, just like my creek during spring run-off. I also need to dam the places that are placing unnecessarily high demands on the water left in my tank. Those places that are easily breached need boundaries, lines drawn in the sand to keep everything I need for my own use from running away without watering my own soul.
To live a life worthy of your purpose, you need to give, and give generously, of the supply within your spirit. But - you need to keep your tank topped off with fresh infusions from God's pure well, or you will have nothing to give. You also need to set limits which will allow you to keep from giving everything, or you will truly 'waste away'.
Do not lose heart. You can leak - and leak with purpose - if you look after your water Source, and plug your tap well enough to be able to conserve energy for yourself. This inner renewal will ensure you survive - and thrive - even in peak demand! 
Will you excuse me if I slip off for a while? My week has placed bigger demands on me than usual, and I've been leaking.  I need a refreshing drink of Living Water, right about now...