Daniel East's Classic Turkey Noodle Soup
Packed-Out Turkey Noodle Soup

If there is one thing I know for sure about Daniel East, it's the fact that he can pack out a soup better than anyone. There is no such thing as a "soupy" soup with this guy. If you recall The Soup that I posted a couple years ago, that was Dan's creation as well, so I know this one will be just as awesome.

Daniel East's Classic Turkey Noodle Soup
Soup Before Reducing

Almost everyone has leftovers this time of year and this is one of the tastiest ways I can think of to use them up. What I really like about this is that the noodles are cooked and set aside and the soup is ladled over them. Brilliant! No more mushy over-cooked noodles.

I love that I get these recipes ready-to-go and all typed up for me - with photos to boot! Give this a try and see what you think!

Daniel East's Classic Turkey Noodle Soup

1 lb egg noodles
1 gallon turkey stock
1 quart water
1 lb cut white meat turkey
1/2 lb cut dark meat turkey
2 cups chopped carrots
2 large white potatoes (washed, skin on cubed)
2 sweet white onions rough chopped
2 cups chopped celery
1 cup chopped okra
1 c sweet peas
1 c sweet corn cut from cob
1 c chopped string beans
1 c organic barley
1c sliced button mushrooms - optional 
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 tbsp Stevia in the Raw or Sugar in the Raw (Not Truvia!)
1/4 c sea salt
1/4 c black pepper
2 tbsp corn starch
3 tbsp fresh or dry dill weed
1 tbsp fresh or dry basil

Cook noodles separately and set aside. 

Combine everything else but herbs and corn starch. Bring to a boil stirring often. 

Reduce heat to strong simmer to cook barley and reduce mixture for approx 90 min stirring often until barley expands and all veggies are tender. 

Fork mix/whisk corn starch in 1/4 c water until dissolved and add to soup. Stir mixture well throughout soup. Add herbs. Continue at low simmer for 30 min. 

Place noodles in serving bowl and pour soup over them. Serve with torn rustic bread or baguette.

Copyright ©2013 Daniel M. East. All rights reserved. Used with permission.