Headed out this lovely morning to drive to Hana on the northeast coast of Maui... had to take quite a lengthy route to get there. Our first stop was for gas, and then after that we pulled into one of the beaches we could see from the crater yesterday (we could see the surf, that is how amazing it was, from several miles away and 10,000+ feet in the air we could see that surf, like white streaks on the aquamarine waters). We took a walk in the sugary sand of the beach... felt so good. We watched as a fisherman pulled a good-size fish out of the tidal pool there, and we were mesmerized and thrilled by the crash of huge waves against the rocks of the shore.

The "Road to Hana" is notoriously narrow with something like 60 one-lane bridges along unbelievable hairpin curves. Ed didn't tell me the drive included ascending pretty high on these narrow roads, and for good reason. I'm glad he didn't. I'm a notorious coward around white-knuckle mountain roads. This route was one that I am so happy I didn't miss. The verdant jungle growth (think: all the tropical plants you grow in pots at home, tree-size), bananas, acacia, coconut palms and every other tree you can imagine. At places along the way there were piles of red flowers like oversize confetti along the roadside. We saw a couple of cases of road rage (impatient tourists) but the general feeling was one of calm and intense, overwhelming beauty.

In Hana we checked out the wharf beach and bought sandwiches and 'tropical granola' at the Organic growers' Market in the grounds of Hana Health. We also stopped at the ONO stand to buy some more organic fruit for our smoothies. The drive there and back took around six hours...(including stops for pictures and little walks). This is my favourite part of the trip so far. I recommend it to anyone coming to Maui.

It really is too bad that we forgot our cable to the camera, but there are lots of professional-quality pictures online, so have fun! The sea and sun really does look like every painting done by any beginning oil painter...that marine blue is just riveting!

"Everything that is,is freely given by the God of love. All is grace. Light and water, shelter and food, work and free time, children, parents, grandparents, life and death— it is all given to us. Why? So that we can say thanks; thanks to God, thanks to each other, thanks to all and everyone.”
—Henri Nouwen