Another quick decision made us drove for about 2 hours to Berlin last Sunday. Purpose was for Mann to attend a fishing forum in Messe Berlin and for me to enjoy my Pinoy food at 49 Danckelmanstrasse. As for Mira, well, she saw a lot of new stuff and enjoyed watching the fishes in the aquarium.


Next to food however, the day was made memorable because of the music we listened to on the way namely: soundtracks from Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera.

Listening to it makes me wish I had the pipe so that I can be a huge part of a stage theater instead of croaking to my heart’s content with people probably wishing they can strangle me to silence. Although I have faced the reality long time ago when father bought a karaoke for me to practice each morning and then had to resell it after a month because its just a hopeless case, a glimmer of wishful thinking comes once in awhile whenever I get to hear an orchestra.

Speaking of songs, I desperately needed to watch the Miss Saigon’s 25th Anniversary. I already have a copy of the music but I would like to watch it as well. Below is a trailer that should make you understand my drama.

P.S. Mira looks cute oder? Jacket was on sale and cost only 9 euro. Although Mann does not care for piggy pink color but as the second commander, I made a decision when I saw the price and that’s it. End of discussion.