I was born in Mexico 26 years ago… however it had been around 21 years I had not touch foot in some Mexican soil. The reasons to why I have waited so long are many, to not forget the lack of time and money. I can still remember the last time I was in Mexico, I was 5 years old and scared to death on the fact that there was no bathrooms! Yes! No toilets.

So, after almost 22 years of not visiting the country that I was born in, my husband and I packed our bags and drove to the border of Nogales, Az last Saturday morning. As the sweet man he is, he wanted me to see and get to know the place he was born in. So off we go to the other side of the border Nogales, Sonora. We arrived to the other side of the border around 1:00pm after we were done unpacking our stuff in the hotel we decided to go walk in the center of Nogales, Sonora well know for the tourism and the shops all over the place.


I need to admit I had completely forgotten how Mexico looked and felt like… Being In mexico made me feel lucky to have been born there.  We all know Mexico is not a rich wealthy country but its rich in its culture and history. There wasn’t a place you didn’t turn to that you were not able to see art, traditions, and history and hey… now they have actual proper toilets (even though you have to rent them for a few pesos).

Catedral de Nogales…

One of our first stops was the Catedral de Nogales, a Catholic church built in the 1940s which became a cathedral in the last years with the arrival of a bishop. The church was founded by a priest known as Padre Nacho, a controversial figure who was abducted and killed in 1979. The details of his demise and the motivations behind it are still something of a mystery. Supposedly, the murderer was brought to justice.


After much walking and shopping we stopped in a small Restaurant that sold tacos and traditional drinks. I ordered four tacos of Pastor with a delicious cold Coca-Cola, and my husband decided to get some tacos de Azada. I need to admit, Mexican Coca-Cola’s are the best! No other soda tastes like this bottled soda does… seems like there’s something different in their sodas that makes the taste more natural and less gassy.

One thing that shook me by surprise was how much we ended paying for this meal for two, Guess! Supper cheap! The total amount for this meal was only 75 pesos… which for any US person:

1 dollar=17.50 pesosSo for those who suck at math like I do total was around $4.25 (in US dollars).

Amazing isn’t it?


Another thing I feel in love with in Mexico was the originality and hard work of the products that are sold on the streets. We came across this gentleman who sold Honey…. oh big deal? Yes I know you can buy Honey pretty much anywhere here in the US. But this is not a ordinary Honey, its naturally made! The man drove a small cart with glass containers where he would pour the sticky liquid that feel from the beehive nailed to a old soda container.

I need to admit the Honey was amazing! And only 35 pesos! ($2.00 US dollars). We also bought a bunch of milk candy named Jamoncillo wich tastes BOOOM!!! Unfortunately those were gone before I even got to take some pictures of it.

honey bee

Overall we had an amazing time and cant wait to go back during the summer.


TO SEE YOU AFTER 22 YEARS!love little daisy