I feel like we have been been performing Christmas- occasions this year than in the past, as well as in keeping with this particular tendency, we ventured the 90-ish miles up to Waco last weekend to spend time at Magnolia Marketplace for his or her Christmas in the Silos occasion. It had been decorated all adorable and there was even a Santa in the backyard who had been sadly on a split while we are there, because I likely could have insisted on an image.

Such a cute and sign that is gay!!

It was really quite empty in the day while we were there because the property shut at four after which a concert, the key event, took place during the nighttime. We did not buy tickets, partially because we did not understand who the man was, and partially because, despite what it might seem like in the pictures, it was FREEZE (ironically, the last time we were at the silos we just about melted). I used to not bring because I could hardly feel my fingers, gloves, which was a tremendous mistake. It undoubtedly seemed chilly and it seemed like there is a tremendous crowd for the nighttime occasion, although I noticed some images of the concert on Insta-Gram!

We did not really see Joanna and Chip, which was somewhat disappointing, but the few was seen by us with the adorable kids' rooms, from the most current episode. So that is essentially a star right? Ali wished to approach him, but we could not feel of a great opening line..."hey, you are that guy from that installment" simply did not appear to reduce it, therefore we only awkwardly stared at him from afar. !

I got tomato soup and a grilled cheese for lunch which helped to warm up a bit. That is that I sort of need to franchise among these and the most precious food truck actually.

This man underneath in the short pants is crazy. It was about 40 degrees, which will be unquestionably not short pants weather.

Do not neglect to verify out the adorable garden heart in the rear should you actually discover your self at the silos. There were therefore several adorable gardening add-ons and gift suggestions inside, although I had not actually been in it before!

 After snatching some espresso and searching through all of the goodies in the store, the mobile kitchens were hit by us again. There is a bakery on-site, but the line for that was out the entranceway, so we determined to select the line- alternative that is less.!


On our solution I seen this little man playing frisbee in hat and his boots. Creepy that a photo was taken by me? Perhaps, however he was the most adorable child ever.