Watching a repeated yet again programme about Adolf Hitler, his rise and fall I noted how he called a well educated intelligent nation to destruction.  His words inspired many yet they were full of lies and few saw through them.  One woman looking back wisely noted that it was not Hitler himself but the ‘dark satanic power behind him.’

She was right of course.  Hitler was an unbalanced men, he had many problems within himself and found in war a way to express himself and survive.  Outside of war he failed to relate to people properly and refused to accept anything that did not meet with his wishes. In itself this is not indeed unusual and such a tendency can be found within us all to some effect however when used by a greater power it led to slaughter, mass slaughter.

In the 1930’s the lie spread was a nationalistic aggressive one based on Darwinism.  The weak go to the wall and the strong thrive.  Opponents must be heartlessly destroyed, pity is weakness, the feeble minded were worthless and must be removed for the greater good and opposition must be wiped out. In short truth, the knowledge of right and wrong that is hard wired into us through our conscience must be pushed aside and killed.

Today the lie is more subtle, today the lie removes right and wrong and replaces this with political correctness, the new standard that must be obeyed and all opposition swamped!

Today the lie is a false kindness.  While aborting babies is seen as normal, some seven million since 1967 in the UK alone, opposition to this murder is opposed on the lie that ‘it’s a woman’s right.’  Nobody has a right to murder.  Same sex marriage has arrived in the UK even though a mere twenty years ago this was rightly seen as a nonsense.  Today however anyone who opposes this or objects to homosexual behaviour is regarded as a criminal and receives abuse and much name calling for standing up for normal behaviour.

Political correctness rules today by a subtle shift from right and wrong.  Instead of rightly accepting people because they exist we must never disagree with them if the murder a child in the womb or have an abnormal sexual behaviour.  We MUST accept this or else!  That is the fascist way today!

Christians will of course accept all people as they are, whatever their situation and they will point them to Jesus Christ so they too will have the opportunity to repent, that is change their ways and find a new and abundant life in Christ Jesus.  There is no other way to God the father on this earth.  Peoples sexual sins, the abuse of a child in the womb are all able to be forgiven by the gracious kindness of our God who wishes all men to receive a life full of joy.  His truth rings a bell within us, a bell we resist because we prefer the easy option of our own ideas.  However truth, the sense of right and wrong still call us to obey them.  We know within ourselves the sense of right and wrong,  we deceive and hurt ourselves by refusing to obey this.

My the Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face to chine upon you and give you his peace.