In the mood for something sweet after a delicious spicy Thai dinner? Look no further, we have a recipe for one of the most sweet and comforting desserts called Khao Tom Mad. It is so filling and yummy but also gluten free and lactose free! This dish is a popular dessert of a banana leaf filled with coconut milk and banana, steamed to perfection! Usually found sold in the streets of Thailand but also most Thai people remember having their grandmothers making this for them as they were growing up.

Khao Tom Mad - 8 Servings


1  ⅔ Cups Sweet (Glutinous/Sticky) Rice

2 Cups Coconut Milk

4 TBSP  Palm Sugar

¼ tsp Salt

4 Mini Bananas

8 Pieces of Banana Leaf 6”x 10” (if you can’t find banana leaves - aluminum foil will do)


1). Soak the Glutinous/Sticky rice in water overnight.

2). Combine the coconut, sugar, and salt in a bowl. Whisk and set aside.

3). Drain the rice and place into a non-stick plan.

4). On low heat slowly add the coconut milk mixture to the rice, stirring frequently.

5). Continue to stir until all of the coconut milk mixture is absorbed into the rice.

6). Once absorbed, let cool.

Now onto the FUN part.

7). Once the rice is cooled, put a small amount into a banana leaf and place half of the mini banana in the center of the rice mixture.

8). Cover the banana entirely with more of the rice mixture.

9). Fold the leaf and tie securely (so none of the yummy goodness comes out). Repeat until finished.

10). Steam for 15 minutes & Enjoy!