Dick Gregory and Abraham Lincoln looks like Same Soul Reincarnation in Black look alike White Parallels is Reincarnated

Dick Gregory and Abraham Lincoln looks like Same Soul Reincarnation look alike Immortality is Reincarnated in Black and White Parallel Lives

This post is going to be shocking to most because at first, it might not make sense but later it makes perfect sense within the mysteries of multidimensional incarnation. When I blog a post like this it always comes from a universal permission to share because it has a mission. A higher approval process that takes place when blogging on people in the now and in the past. Getting pushed at this moment to blog this post because it has a purpose. With all the racism in the world. A post like this could make people see the bigger picture that we are incarnating as all races. The example I am white and have a black version of myself that is a blogger too.

Is Dick Gregory and Abraham Lincoln within Same Soul Connected?

What if Dick Gregory and Abraham Lincoln are the same soul. What does it mean to be the same soul connected? It is the same soul incarnated in a variety of bodies that can be black or white to experience this timeline venture or that lifetime adventure. Higher self-answer I am receiving is yes. Dick Gregory and Abraham Lincoln are the same soul is wow in the now. At first, I was shocked by the information received for this post. Then thought about it more and it makes perfect sense they are connected. Dick Gregory is one of those great minds with so much learned knowledgeable wisdom that it is like two men within one man is soul greatness.

Black and White Dimensions of Dick Gregory and Abraham Lincoln

Blogged a post: Mandela Effect - Abraham Lincoln in White and Black. Suddenly a black version started showing itself online of Abraham Lincoln and I personally looked at it as a Mandela Effect. My higher self-perceptions is that we are viewing the black version of Abraham Lincoln. The black and white image of Abraham Lincoln is different dimensions of the same person. It looks like separate people but it is the same picture taken on different dimensions of sight.

- Dick Gregory also has a White Version of Himself in a Parallel Life

Dick Gregory has mentioned in interviews that Abraham Lincoln was black. He is right but also is a white version too. To give a better understanding is a white version of Barack Obama as the first white US president, instead of the first black president. Dick Gregory also has a white version of himself in a parallel life. Such as if, you are white in this lifetime and in another parallel life, you are black. Everyone has a black and white version of themselves in parallel lives is the opposite of what you know right now. This can go for any race upon the human rainbow on earth but using black and white as an example for this post to be understandable.

What Might Stop Racism - Seeing our Parallel Lives in Black and White

As awakening more, we are going to be seeing more the black and white versions of ourselves with full awareness. That is why it is not good to hate other races because you could be hating yourself while looking in the mirror. Many are asking what is going to stop racism. I think this could be the sight of knowing our parallel lives as every race. It could be life changing to stop the hate and create love is the motive behind this post. Love everyone the heart upon the colorful rainbow to become the bigger pictures of the many human versions of love being you.

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Photo Sources for this Blog Post:
- Dick Gregory Photo by Jason Merritt / GettyImages.com
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- Abraham Africanus Lincoln Photo from Vanessa Taylor Video via YouTube
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