Yesterday’s fun sale was this ugly painted over magazine rack. What’s more fun is that I found it next to the dumpster in my co-picker’s street, practically in front of his door. Now he can’t have missed it, because I left it there for one night.

First I had to bring this way more interesting lamp home that was there as well and I didn’t go back for the rack.
A day later the horrible thing was still there, not surprisingly, but I had more or less expected to find it in my porch. Apparently my friend didn’t see what I saw: a practical thing that serves as a side table as an extra, painted over in white it could look nice, and young people like the stuff they’ve seen in their grandparent’s houses. Young lady walked off with a big smile.

Now this is more the style I’ve seen in mygrandmother’s house. It could be even early 20th century, but not a very special thing. Looks kind off the kitsch of the time to me. Even though incomplete it’s cute, it was rewired and working and it sold within a week.