Camping is the activity of staying in a tent. These are simple temporary structures are erected in especially during the trips.

Campper helps people to stay close to nature and experience it with zero impact on nature. Camping in a tent/hammock come across as the best bet. People who have an extra land capacity and who are willing to share with campers has got an opportunity to earn extra revenue. We believe that spending more time outside has its own health benefits like sharper thinking and creativity to simply being happy.


Benefits of camping:
1. Obtain fresh air

Nowadays life of humans are spend in indoors.Everyone is busy with their work and life. This makes life dull and boring. So here make some activities like camping, trekking etc to fresh up your mind and body. Camping allows you to enjoy the fresh air in outdoors.

2. Being social

Spent more time in camps and trips with the family and friends.It makes you
relaxed and fresh minded.

3.Physical exercises

Making up trips gives more physical activities to your body. Walking up for long
distances , seeing the places around etc gives you more physically relaxed.

4.Feel the sunshine

Sunshine on your skin is good. It provides vitamin D.

5.Reduce stress.

Camp life give you more experiences. It reduces all your stress.

Anytime outdoor tent camping in Kerala Hill Stations is arranged by Campper. It is Family Friendly & Safe.  Online booking of campsites can also be done.