Displate makes posters out of metal. UV printing applies ink directly to metal sheets allowing the posters to be wall-mounted with the included adhesive magnet — no need for drills or hammers.

If you don’t fancy sticking things to your walls (I’ve no idea how easy it’d be removing the magnets) the plates are sturdy enough to sit on a shelf, like the ones I chose (below) in return for a possible blog post. I don’t mention all the things I’m sent, but it’s a very high quality print finish and a product I hadn’t seen before, so worth sharing.

Displate tessellation artChosen from the tessellations gallery of James Soares

There’s a chemical-like smell right after taking the shrink-wrap off each plate, and I wondered how environmentally-friendly the Poland-based production is. On the bright side, Displate has partnered with Trees for the Future, with 10 trees planted for each poster sold. Seemingly, more than 1.2 million trees have been planted as a result of the partnership. One point two million.

Since launching in 2013, artists have uploaded more than 40,000 images to the Displate site. In return, after setting a price for their art from a predetermined range, artists get 25% from every sale, so if you have some high-res files already designed you might want to become a Displate artist.