For me, one of the most appealing things about New York is its vast diversity.

It is a city in which you are surrounded by various cultures, neighborhoods and boroughs, each containing and contributing its own unique flavor. New York City is like a big pot of wedding soup with lots of delicious ingredients married together, making up the special recipe of what makes it so great.


And although New York is often referred to as a "massive concrete jungle", there are many areas of green and quiet.

Today, I would like to share some of the diversity within my favorite city.

Please enjoy...

Christopher Street

*picture above and below - Madison Square Park

Greenwich Village

Carnegie  (Jewish deli restaurant)

Food vendors

Manhattan pigeons enjoying brunch

New York's infamous Naked Cowboy (love those "buns" of steel!)

Knock off designer handbags

Paris Baguette on 7th Avenue

Gay Street in Greenwich Village

MacDougal Street

A view down one of New York's many busy streets
This final photograph made me smile and laugh out loud when I spotted it in a souvenir store.

 The Statue of Liberty taking a selfie with the skyline of Manhattan in the background...

I love you, New York!
Have a smashingly fabulous week, y'all!