We have passed the first day of Summer and are headed into another really long, hot Summer here in the state of Florida.  This afternoon, on my way home, I could smell a fire in the air.  You could see the smoky haze rising up from the steamy ground.  I'm not sure what was burning, or where the fire might be, but I know I'll hear about it on the news tonight.

Turning our attention to some hot news on Squidoo, today I have selected the DIY or Do It Yourself topic/category.  Looking at the variety of Squidoo lensmasters there, the very first thing that jumped out at me, was the fact that 3 Squidoo lensmasters DOMINATED that category, hands-down.  And, it is quite coincidentally the very same 3 who were recently profiled in another Topicability blog post, The top eight Squidoo earners and those same 3 dominated the top of the earner chart!

The roll call shows dagsmith with 17 lenses in the Top 100 of DIY, followed by pastiche with 11, and craftyville with 9.  Here is the line-up of their 37 lenses that occupy the Top 100:

Taking a look at the top 3 lensmasters, along with the other lensmasters who had multiple lenses in the Top 100, we imaged that in this special Wordle tag cloud:

Wordle: Squidoo top lensmasters in DIY top 100

The next set of Squidoo lensmasters with multiple lenses in the top 100 of the DIY category include GonnaFly with 4, EasyW and Hillandglen with 3 each, and then 2 each for these lensmasters:  frances, kab, Noadi, and Studentz.  Here is the line-up of their 18 lenses:

Rounding out the Top 100, are an additional 45 Squidoo lensmasters!  Congratulations to these 45 Squidoo lensmasters who each have one Squidoo lens in the Top 100 of the DIY Do-It-Yourself category on Squidoo for June 23, 2010:

alteredkat, bcarter, bestreviews1, Christene, ClassyGals, Color_Expert, Comfortdoc, craftsbyalice, crosscreations, Cyrano_Smith, DMedley, Edmands, flowergardener, freebieBest, hempnecklace, Jewelry_Girl, jhofman, JJNW, Ladybird, LeslieM, Mickie_G, NaturalMindset, paperfacets, Playstation3-helper, Playstation3-HelpOut, PopTopLady, scrapperkare, securesite, SewingSuccess, sewjr24, shauna7084, smallfry, sonis, SophiesFavors, Sugar, teg, theshrew, TruffulaTuft, valerief, VeeZoo, webseitler, WebSpinstress, WordCustard, WorldVisionary, XboxFixGuide.

Yes, indeed! We have imaged another special Wordle tag cloud to celebrate these 45 special Squidoo lensmasters on achieving a Top 100 topic lenrank! Bravo!

Wordle: Squidoo lensmasters with one lens in top 100 DIY

I thought it would be fun to do a tag cloud courtesy of Wordle for all the Squidoo lenses that hit the Top 100 of the DIY category.  You know, to conceptualize what type of a topic is worthy of a Top 100 topic placement. Check it out!  What jumps out at me, are Photo, Wedding, Origami, ClipArt, Coloring, Graphics, Patterns, and Free!  These surely sound like winning topics for lenses, don't you agree?

Wordle: DIY Do It Yourself -- Top 100 on Squidoo

Well, I surely hope that you have made some cool Summer plans!  And, if you are looking for some ideas for DIY projects, Squidoo sure has a lot of ideas!  By the way, I've profiled the top Squidoo lens, for more than a year on a special Squidoo lens, Squidoo du Jour -- The Top Lens, in case you are curious what's been on top overall.

UPDATE: Speaking of DIY, you may have heard that I launched a new Google blog, Blondes that DIY? It officially launched in May  2014.