It’s a fair question to ask since the subject almost never comes up when going to the doctor to deal with illness. Unless you have recently traveled to a country flagged as one of those which people most often return from with parasites, you will likely be diagnosed with something other than a parasite…and get  all the drugs for treatment associated with that diagnosis.

   Let me be clear before I continue….this post is not a rant against doctors, or even the medical machine in general, but more of me just opening your eyes to something you may be sleeping on which might be causing you a world of health problems.

   I usually provide some links at the bottom of my posts that are relevant to the topic being discussed, and I implore you to look at them because the information could very well be the difference between misery and a healthy life.

   Many of the conditions people routinely suffer from (joint pain, chronic fatigue, Lupus, etc) could be the result of parasite infestation as it is estimated that at least 50% of the world’s population is infested with at least one parasite. It get’s worse though:

“ A number of doctors who now believe that parasites are implicated in a number of the diseases which plague modern society, such as cancer, AIDS and Crohn's disease. A recent study of over 400 chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome (CFIDS) patients in New York revealed that an incredible 93 per cent had some form of parasitic infestation (J Nutritional Med, 1990; 1: 27-31).”

   If these statistics are to be believed, then why are doctors not diagnosing parasites more often? Well…the medical establishment has treatment protocols doctors must follow for diagnoses based on symptoms and conclusive (and sometimes inconclusive) results. It’s much like when my child once had ringworm and the doctor had to prescribe a medication that could cause liver damage…a potentially fatal situation, for a problem that was not. 

   There are protocols for parasite diagnosis, but getting the diagnosis from the beginning is were they drop the ball since the majority of doctors do not consider searching for parasites as a first option in treatment. Even if the medical machine’s protocols called for more attention to this, not only do most doctors have no experience or training in parasitology, but symptoms for parasite infestation mimic symptoms for a plethora of other diseases. A misdiagnosis could lead to powerful drug prescriptions that further exacerbate the parasitic infestation. As if the parasite isn’t doing enough to ruin your health, you then have to contend with medication that you don’t need, with side effects you need even less.

   Getting a parasite is as easy as breathing. Yes…there are airborne parasites! You can also get them from the food you eat, water you drink, pets, sexual practices, etc…the list is extensive. Let’s face it, your daily routine is probably opening you up to many opportunities for infestation, so prevention is going to be hard (but not impossible). Treatment is another story though.

   If you rely on the medical establishment to treat your parasite problem, you will have to endure toxic drugs (assuming you even get to that point) that are likely to harm you as much as the parasites. I personally prefer a more natural approach to this very natural problem. 

   Don’t sleep on this…and cleanse your body of parasites immediately, and periodically.