Many Bible scholars have been debating as of late the authorship of the Book of Ephesians.

Traditionally, Ephesians has been seen as a book written by Paul. However, because 70 Greek words appear in Ephesians that do not appear in any other letter written by Paul, scholars have begun to question Paul’s authorship.

In my opinion, that new language proves to me that Paul did write Ephesians. Why? Because Paul had experienced the third heaven. Now, be reminded that the third heaven is language for where God dwells. That third heaven is God’s abode and as a result of Paul being caught up in the Shekinah Glory of God, Ephesians had to contain 70 Greek words that appear in that Book alone. In those 70 Greek words, Paul is proving to the reader that he was in a new relational place or a new spiritual position with God.

Paul was giving expression to a new experience.

Paul’s new words proved how he was spiritually maturing. Hallelujah! That spiritual maturity brought about new phrases. That time with God … that time of listening to the Holy Spirit brought about new insights. Paul being in God’s presence demanded something new in him and from him.

Shouldn’t that be true in our lives as well as we listen intently to God’s Holy Spirit and spend time in God’s abode? As our experience with God changes due to the council of His Holy Spirit, it demands new words. It demands new language. It demands new expression!  

Doesn’t it?