Dolores Cannon and Pamela Aaralyn look alike Wonderment looks like Same Soul Connected Channel within Love the Library

Dolores Cannon Channeling, Channeled, Channelers the Channel a Channeler

Dolores Cannon and Pamela Aaralyn look alike Wonderment looks like the Same Soul Connected to a Channel of Beauty within Library of Knowledge

I will always be thankful for Dolores Cannon books and online content it played a big role for me into awakening to my true self while breaking out of the matrix. I loved her positive energy and she never attacked others like so many do online now. Dolores Cannon talked about a past life that she was in the library and I was in that same library as her while reading many books.

Dolores Cannon looks like Pamela Aaralyn into Same Soul Connection

Dolores Cannon left her physical body in 2014. Noticed this big thing taking place online of people who are channeling Dolores Cannon essence. Normally, I blog look alike posts on celebrities. At first, I did not know how to approach this post because it is on a semi-private person like myself with a mission. We each have different roles in a mission and a post like this is part of mine. Getting the strong higher self-push to blog on Dolores Cannon and Pamela Aaralyn. For those that don't know Pamela Aaralyn is known for channeling Dolores Cannon.

My consciousness works this way naturally, within always trying to connect the multidimensional dots to the same soul connected beings. Looking at pictures of Dolores Cannon and Pamela Aaralyn look alike within the eyes, face, nose, and lips. But are they same soul connected. The higher self-answer I am receiving is yes, Dolores Cannon and Pamela Aaralyn are same soul connected. What does it mean to be same soul connected? It is the same soul incarnated in a variety of bodies to experience this or that venture within heart adventure is a beautiful school.

Many Extensions of Ourselves on Earth at Different Stages and Ages

Another female on YouTube is also channeling Dolores Cannon is the same soul connected too. Being told they are not ready for this type of recognition yet. Mentioning this note to make the point that we have many extensions of ourselves on earth at different stages and ages. Your soul is alive in many bodies because we are multidimensional. Living upon many parallels of always growing your knowledge, it is a never-ending story because we are creating the journey.

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