Hello all!

This week has gone so fast,
Can't really believe that it has been a week already.

But no worries,
I foodie adventure is ready for you to enjoy as promised ^^
I present to you...
~ The Doughnut Decision! ~
~ Enjoy ~

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I hope you enjoyed the foodie adventure!
 It's very short and simple this time round 
I promise the adventure has officially begun,
since I have now signed the Biscuit Contract,
I shall help the munchkin's get back their biscuit home 
I shall eat every yummy thing I see in sight haha!
~ XXX ~
 This adventure has been a very strange one to do,
since the past few foodie adventures I have had a lovely bunch of munchkins with me.

So producing a little story 
no munchkins to share the food with is very very strange,
therefore thank God 
I have sign the contract and travelling with them!

~ XXX ~

Looking back at the box of doughnuts,
I am kind of glad that the munchkins wasn't there because there wasn't that many doughnuts,
meaning everyone would be fighting over them.

all mine!

They are a beautiful little morning snack that I came across when shopping at Tesco's supermarket.
I actually popped into Tesco's to buy Papaya,
and since they didn't have any at the time I went for a little shop around... 

I hardly ever shop in Tesco 
so I wasn't too sure what their bakery section was like 
so I headed straight to the bakery section to have a little luck.

Have to say the pastries look very yummy!
I really love the mini ones,
they have a selection of actual size pastries and then they have mini versions as pick 'n' mix.
 So are already nicely packed and ready with one of each for you.
I spent ages deciding what I wanted 
I think the pastry maker thought I was going mad haha.

In the end I choose mini doughnuts due to the fact they looked so cute and 
I was worried that they would be very tough to chew as some mini doughnuts are, but they aren't!
They are so lovely and fluffy and soft,
most of all my jaw didn't lock when I was chewing on the yummy goodness.

I have been have problems with my jaw lately,
where my jaw locks during chewing on tough food (happened with a doughnut before) so I was getting worried.
But after the first... second... third doughnut I was fine,
so what could I do except for fight for the rest before they are eaten haha!

After finding these little treats they are perfect for 
satisfying my Krispy Kreme craving when I am unable to travel out to the far far lands of Newcastle to buy them.

Tesco will be seeing me hopping about the bakery section a lot more now.
 You should defiantly give it a little try
if you are craving something sweet but not overly sweet ^^

You never know you might even bump into me,
drooling at the food haha!

~ XXX ~

Thank you 
all for reading and visiting 
ChiChi PomPous!

With out your support there would be no foodie adventure
so I thank you all for keeping me going,

I hope you enjoyed the fun
I shall see you all again next monday 
with a new foodie adventure!

See you all soon!

~ XXX ~

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