I always recommend using organic ingredients whenever they are available to you.
3 Tablespoons of  water
3 tablespoons of organic cider vinegar
2 teaspoons sugar
3/4 cup of organic celery (finely chopped)
1 pound jumbo lump crab meat, shell pieces removed
1/4 cup of olive oil mayonnaise, divided
3 Tablespoons of organic   fresh chives, divided and minced
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard, divided
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1 cup of whole-wheat panko, divided
2 teaspoons olive oil (more to coat pans)
2 Tablespoons of 2% organic reduced-fat Greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce (Tabasco or Frank’s)
16 lemon wedges
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Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
Combine 3 Tablespoons of water, vinegar and the sugar in a medium microwave safe bowl
Microwave on high for 2 minutes.  The mixture should boil
Add the celery and let stand for 15-20 minutes
On paper towels, drain the crab meat.
Add and combine 1/2 of the celery, 2 Tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 Tablespoons of chives, 1 teaspoon of mustard along with black pepper and salt and egg in a medium bowl
Stir with a whisk and add the crab meat and 1/4 panko to mayonnaise mixture.
Toss gently and allow to chill for 20 minutes
Combine remaining panko, 1 Tablespoon of chives and oil in a bowl and mix.
Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of panko in the bottom of each of the 16 muffin cups that have been lightly coated with olive oil.
In each cup, spoon a heaping Tablespoon of crab meat mixture over the breadcrumbs.

Spread 1/2 teaspoon of panko mixture

evenly over each cup

Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees
Have your broiler preheat on high
Lightly brush some organic olive oil on crab cakes and broil for 1-2 minutes to make sure the tops become crisp
Combine and mix the remaining mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard, celery, chives and hot sauce in a medium bowl
Top each crab cake with roughly 1/2 of a teaspoon of the sauce
Serve with a lemon wedge