Wow! What a dream I had this morning. I could feel the texture of the coat I was wearing, the breeze on my face. People's eyes could be read. Interesting selection of people to join me for such a lucid dream, too.

Three, no four, major players in the dream.

Person-one, who has a habit of "not showing up" was in the dream and, surprise, did not show up! But we were expecting her.

Person-two: I found her stuffed bunny and returned it to her. We chatted and danced while we waited for person-one to not show up. Person-two left on a school bus and took her bunny with her. They both seemed very happy to be reunited!

Person-three, had a heavy load and was headed to the laundromat, but eyes told me that maybe later.....(promises, promises).

Person-four - What are you doing in my dreams? I've never seen you here before; welcome! You look good at the head of the table! Your leadership skills are becoming very impressive!

I was wearing my pretty royal blue coat with the fur collar that I lost 45 years ago. All this time I thought it was stolen but I just left it in the land of dreams. What other items might be waiting there for me to rediscover?  It would be nice if my skate key is there. I don't have the skates anymore but I sure liked that skate key. It would look good on a 30" silver chain surrounded with Kyanite and Iolite beads.

The restaurant where I was having lunch with friends was built with thick redwood beams  and boards. Windows wrapped around three sides of the dining room. I could smell the vegetables roasted in rosemary and the ravioli (I'm pretty sure I brought the ravioli with me from watching Master Chef Canada last night. I could taste it too and all I have to say is "YUM"!)

I do hope my subconscious noted the location of the restaurant; the ambiance was remarkable and the black currant balsamic vinaigrette was literally out-of-this-world! I'm going to start sleeping with a  mason jar just in case I go back.

If I die in my sleep, please know that some uptight dream-realm official wouldn't let me transfer dimensions with a mason jar full of other-worldly salad dressing so I chose to stay with that divine nectar of the gods!

I found a folding laundry basket, returned it to person-two, returned to the curb to wait!  I looked down the street and knew that person-one was always going to not-show-up. I unbuttoned my coat, put my hands in my pockets and started walking in the direction of home. I made the choice not to wait but to show up for myself.

The walk felt good, the pace was brisk, even in an elegant pair of heels! I was smiling. The air brushed my face as I walked.  As I woke, I could still feel the breeze on my skin and I was still smiling.

I wonder if I can get a map back to that place and where do I get one if they exist?

Now, if you'll excuse me. My teapot is whistling and I have fresh ginger to peel and chop.

Do you have a place that you visit often in your dreams?