waiting my turn

waiting my turn

last weekend i tried something i have been afraid to do for almost 5 years. i bowled. i’m no stranger to bowling and used to bowl competitively several times a week. my high game is 289 and i was good.

so why then was i afraid to bowl?  long story short: in 2011, i was in a car accident and it ruined my life. now i live in chronic pain and can’t do the activities i used to do. am i bitter?  you betcha!

anyhoo, i grabbed a house ball and wore disgusting house shoes, a disgrace for someone of my caliber, and stepped on to the bowling approach. my first ball rolled into the gutter. i made up for the gutter ball on my 2nd roll by making the spare and then it was all downhill. in the beginning, i had a difficult time reading the lane with a house ball and my current knowledge, but eventually figured it out. i didn’t bowl my weight.

in addition to my low score, i broke several of my long, beautiful nails and hurt my middle finger on my right hand. it’s still sore and swollen and my right arm/shoulder emits the usual pain.

i love bowling and often watch it on TV. when i arrived home – despite my injuries – i thought about the possibility of purchasing my own ball, bag and shoes again. i doubt i would be able to bowl more than one or two games at a time, a big difference in the amount of games i used to bowl at one time. the jury is still out on whether i plan to do so or not, but at least i now know i’m no longer afraid to bowl.