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Do you want to earn rewards while playing your favourite games? It is now possible thanks to the new online service

It’s simple, play games, earn points, win real-life rewards! is a new gamer reward website where gamers can win real-life prizes for simply playing their favourite games. The service is currently in open beta and costs nothing to join. Simply joining can earn a gamer UPs or “Uproar Points” which can later be used to win for real-life rewards. currently tracks and support League of Legends, Halo 5, Smite and soon, Paladins. More games are being added so if you do not see your favourite game, it is only temporary.

After creating an account on, gamers can earn points by completing particular in-game objectives and/or interacting in the Uproar community. Then use these earnings to enter raffles to win merchandise such as gaming peripherals from Razer and SteelSeries, in-game currency, special skins, and other rewards.

Uproar will also be regularly posting gaming event details on a global scale along with game updates and eSports information as part of the service’s features.

“A gamer reward site such as Uproar seems like a natural evolution for the industry,” commented Charlie Meaden, CEO of Uproar. “Gamers invest so many hours honing their skills so they can be better players – why not give them real world rewards for all their commitment to the games they play?”

In addition to these rewards, there are communities that gamers can join or create a new one and invite other players to join that new cool community.

Earn Rewards

Earning rewards is simple.

  • Create an account
  • Play one of the games currently supported to earn points
  • Spend these points to win prizes
  • Recruit new Uproar members
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His website is and He also owns Clean Real Food, YourOnly.One, Adorable & Beautiful, and other online properties.

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Earn Rewards While Playing Games!
Play your favourite games, earn points, win real-life rewards, all for free!

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