When I'm writing this we have just been celebrating Easter.
For many people Easter means some days of vacation, good food and time spend with friends and family.
Nothing wrong with that.
During this Easter I have had four days of, had some lovely food and spend time with nice friends.


On Maundy Thursday, Jesus is having the last supper with his disciples. Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and commands them to love one another.
Later on during the night at the garden in Gethsemane Jesus is betrayed, caught and interrogated.

On Good Friday, Pilate makes the decision that Jesus should be put to death by crucifixion.
Nails are hammered in to his hands and feet and after six horrible painful hours Jesus dies on the cross.

On Easter eve, Saturday the disciples are terrified and are hiding. They really don't know what to believe anymore.

Sunday morning, resurrection Sunday when the women are coming to the temporary grave where Jesus is placed, they notice that the big and heavy stone that was placed in front of the grave, has been removed and the grave is empty. Jesus is not there!

On Easter Monday Jesus reveals himself to his disciples in many different ways. In a way Jesus seams to be the same man as before but there is something strange about him.

In His death He became our saviour, by dying on the cross He has saved us.

In His resurrection we have been renewed.

Without the Easter weekend we only see His example, but with Easter weekend we become His example.

This is the real meaning of Easter.